Mum sparks fierce debate about getting her four-year-old daughter's ears pierced

Ciara Sheppard
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Do you think it’s ok to get your child’s ears pierced at age four? [Photo: Getty]

Most of us will remember getting our ears pierced for the first time: whether it involved a solo trip to Claire’s Accessories on our sixteenth birthday, or whether we got them done on the brink of teenage-hood after begging our parents for months. 

But how young is too young?

One mum has sparked a heated debate on parenting forum Mumsnet after posing the question.

The user asked the forum whether she was being reasonable or not to consider getting her four-year-old daughter’s ears pierced, despite her biological father taking issue with it.

The mum said her daughter had been asking to get her ears pierced and “is pretty articulate for her age so knows it will hurt.”

She told the forum that the child’s father is against the idea and won’t allow it until she’s older, saying her dad sees her once every two weeks and on school holidays.

The mother also gave some extra background information, saying when the she was still with the father, he accompanied his stepdaughter (then also four) to get her ears pierced with no problem.

The subject of piercing your child’s ears has caused controversy in the past [Photo: Getty]

“It’s a pair of ear studs not a nose ring,” said the mother. “I’d like to take her in the summer holidays when she is 5 but he says no.”

Many users of the forum agreed that she shouldn’t go and get them pierced without the father’s agreement.

“I wouldn’t go against her father’s wishes,” one person said, while another disagreed with getting a child’s ears pierced altogether: “I think doing that to such small children is horrible.”

However, others said  it sounded like the father was just “power tripping”.

The topic has been up debate many times in the past: just last year a viral video of a child getting her ears pierced sparked debate with some calling it child abuse, while Katie Price has also been at the end of controversy after she got her 17-month-old’s ears pierced back in 2016.

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