Katie Price Sparks Debate After Getting Baby Daughter’s Ears Pierced

“Gorgeous Bunny bops” Katie commented, sharing a picture on Instagram of baby Bunny’s pierced ears [Photo: Instagram/officialkatieprice]

She’s no stranger to controversy, and this morning Katie Price whipped the internet into a tizz once more after posting a picture of her 17-month-old daughter Bunny with her ears pierced.

Sharing the picture to her 850,000 Instagram followers, the mum of five, instantly received a slew of comments from parents both criticising and defending her decision to get her youngest daughter’s ears pierced.

“You have put holes in your child for vanity and not waited until they are old enough to decide for themselves,” one person wrote. “This is a selfish decision.”

“Why would you put your child through an ‘experience’ like that unnecessary,” added another. “Seems pretty cruel to me.”

Others labelled the piercings “tacky” and “cruel”.

The picture that sparked an internet frenzy. [Photo: Instagram/officialkatieprice]

But not everyone wanted to jump on the Price bashing bandwagon.

One sympathetic mother commented “I’ve got three girls and when my first two were little I had theirs done at six months. They are done both at the same time so less pain.

"It’s the parents’ decision and if they grow to hate them the holes in their ears will hardly be gaping ones.”

Another wrote "Children have had their ears pierced at a young age for centuries. Does Bunny look in distress? No! At the end of the day, Katie may be a celebrity but she’s also a mother. She wouldn’t put her children through anything that would cause them distress,“ one commented.

Katie herself also attempted to defend her decision to get the tot’s ears pierced commenting on one of the pictures "Thank you to everyone sticking up for me and yes Kieran is half Spanish all the family have ears pierced! But Princess hasn’t.”

Katie isn’t the only celebrity to spark a to-pierce-or-not-to-pierce debate. Supermodel and mum of two Gisele Bundchen caused a similar stir when she posted a picture of her daughter’s ears pierced and Kim Kardashian faced a backlash after getting daughter North’s ears pierced when she was one. 

Gisele caused a stir when she posted this pic of her baby’s pierced ears. [Instagram/Gisele Bundchen] 

Kim and Kanye’s daughter North had her ears pierced when she was one. [Photo: Rex]

Gwyneth Paltrow let her daughter, Apple, get her ears pierced when she was five years old. [Photo: Instagram/Gwyneth Paltrow]

It isn’t the first time Katie has hit the headlines over her parenting decisions. The 37-year-old who is also mum to Harvey, 13, Junior, 10, Princess, eight, and Jett, two, was slammed in December 2015 for letting her eight-year-old daughter, Princess wear makeup.

Princess refused to allow her mother to take all the flack and hit back at the backlash by posting her own video defending her mum. 'By the way, I do my make-up not my mum, I do. And anyway it’s none of your beeswax so oosh.’

But Katie later admitted she’d come to the conclusion it was ‘wrong’ afterall.

Speaking on Loose Women earlier this month, she said “You’re all right. I’m in the wrong.”

“To me that’s innocent because she’s copying her mum,” Price continued. “But so many people said to me 'Oh my god Katie, think about paedophiles.

"And I thought 'Oh yeah, you’re right’. When you say it, I can see it.”

Too young for makeup? This picture sparked another debate. [Photo: Instagram/officialkatieprice]

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