Mum sick of super-pink short clothes for girls creates own clothing line

Girls Will Be
Pink need not be the only option [Photo: Girls Will Be/Instagram]

Dressing for summer as a young girl shouldn’t require wearing pink, sparkles and exposing more leg than you feel comfortable with.

But while shopping for her daughter, Sharon Choksi found that just about every item of clothing fit this description.

So instead of putting up with it and dooming Maya to being plastered with cupcakes and kittens for the next ten years, she decided to do something about it – by starting her own clothing line.

Girls Will Be stocks everything from “not-so-short” shorts to science-themed T-shirts with the idea of empowering girls to be themselves and “never think something is only for boys”, according to its website.

The clothes are designed with active play in mind, features stereotype-busting graphics, a variety of colours and – as we’re sure every woman will be jealous of – fully-functioning pockets.

When Maya was just three, she began to refuse to wear pink or dresses:

“Next to go were bows, sparkles, hearts, and flowers,” the site reads.

“Those things just did not fit with her emerging personality and interests, which included things like climbing trees, building LEGO creations, and playing with cars and trucks.

“She wanted shirts with sharks and baseballs on them, not cupcakes and kittens.”

So when Maya began asking why boys “get all of the cool stuff” – and Sharon found out that Maya’s cousin was having a similar experience – the mum knew she wanted to do something to send girls a different message.

“While these cousins had very different styles, the problem was the same: the clothing choices in the girls department did not work for them,” the story continues.

“And girls like them do not always want to shop in the boys department or wear the boxy, oversized clothes and drab colours you find there either.

“It shouldn’t be so hard to shop for girls like Maya and Grace! So we decided to make clothes for them!”

The line launched in 2013, and has gone from strength to strength since, even adding adult sizes in 2015.

And the team say that the product line will only grow.

Prices range from $18 (£14) to $34 (£26) and are taking individual pricing requests for shipping outside of the US.

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