Dad wins the Internet after gluing a feeding tube to his stomach to support his ill son

A dad has won the Internet after gluing a feeding tube on his stomach to support his son [Photo: Instagram/thelifeofchaceelijah]
A dad has won the Internet after gluing a feeding tube on his stomach to support his son [Photo: Instagram/thelifeofchaceelijah]

A dad is winning the Internet for the special way he is supporting his young son who was born with a congenital heart defect.

Robert Selby, 33 from Virginia shared a topless image of himself alongside his three-year-old son, Chace. In the picture, the feeding tube that Chace needs is visible on his tummy, but there is also a tube on his dad’s stomach too.

Because though he obviously doesn’t need it, the inspiring dad glued it on as a way of supporting his little boy.

“My Mr. #stealyourheart #teamchace is sucking in his stomach, trying to show off his abs like his daddy but all you see are his little ribs,” the dad wrote in the accompanying caption.

“I just cut and glued one of his G-tube on me to show support for him and bring awareness,” he continued.

“My son was born with a congenital heart defect (#chd) called Tetralogy of Fallot (#tof) and he uses a feeding-tube (#gtube) to help with him being under weight due to him not eating orally as much.”

The dad went on to explain that he is determined to support his little boy no matter what.

“I’ll always support my son and he’ll never be in a fight alone.”

Since sharing, the empowering post has racked up almost 8000 likes and after being picked up by Instagram account Miracles and Messes has seen more than 110,000 people show their support, as well as receiving countless comments from people praising the dad for his dedication to normalising his son’s condition.

“I hope that one day when I have kids. That I can be at least half the man that you are boss. Much love to you and your son,” one man wrote.

“What an amazing father to admire! Also, what a brave & beautiful young man! Truly inspired!,” added another fan.

“This is the best thing I’ve seen in a long time! Keep your head up Chace! Keep fighting! Salute to you bro respect!” another fan commented.

Other organisations thanked the dad for raising awareness about children born with congenital heart defects.

“Thank you for helping raise awareness for children with pediatric feeding disorders and #CHD!” charity Feeding Matters wrote.

According to Congenital Heart Defects UK, a congenital heart defect is an abnormality of the heart which occurs soon after conception and often before the mother is aware that she is pregnant. The defects can range in severity from simple problems, such as “holes” between chambers of the heart, to very severe malformations, such as complete absence of one or more chambers or valves.

Recent statistics suggest Congenital Heart Defects are the number one birth defect in UK affecting 8 out of 1000 live births and it is estimated that there are currently 250,000 adults with CHD in the UK.

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