Woman kicked off plane after shocking act during drunken rage

A 32-year-old woman has been escorted off a Las Vegas-bound flight after allegedly spitting on passengers and hitting a gate agent.

Valerie Gonzalez was onboard the JetBlue aircraft going from Florida to Las Vegas when she found out that she was seated next to a child and suddenly became irate.

According to records from the Broward Sheriff’s Office, the woman exclaimed: “I’m not sitting [next] to a f***ing three-year-old, I’ve been drinking all day,” before moving herself to an unassigned seat without permission. Eventually, she was asked to exit the plane.

Videos of the incident was captured by other passengers, one of which posted it to Twitter.

The woman allegedly spat on another passenger before being escorted off the plane. Source: Twitter/BigOShow

“I didn’t do anything wrong,” Gonzalez is heard saying to somebody over the phone.

When she notices some plane passengers are filming her, she responds with another outburst.

“Oh, you wanna f***ing tape me, make me viral b****es?” she yells, before leaning toward the seat in front of her and appearing to spit on another passenger.

Gonzalez then went on to question what she did to get herself kicked off of the flight, claiming that she had “called someone old because they were”.

Moments later, however, she stands up from her seat and grabs her bags, while continuing to shout profanities.

“Who’s taping this?” Gonzalez continued, while blowing air kisses. “F*** all ya’ll.”

Two flight attendants escorted Gonzalez off of the plane. Police report that the attendants escorted Gonzalez to the jet bridge, after which the disruptive passenger tried to re-enter the aircraft and hit the attendant blocking the entrance on the side of her head.

Gonzalez had her mugshot taken by the local sheriff’s department after being charged with battery. Source: Broward Sheriff’s Office/Twitter/BigOShow

A passenger on the plane later claimed that Gonzalez hit her as well, but decided not to press charges.

Police arrived at the gate to arrest Gonzalez, who was handcuffed and eventually placed in a wheelchair because she refused to walk.

Leg restraints were also placed on her legs after repeated kicking, and officers had to request a spit mask after she spat on responding deputies.

Gonzalez was charged with battery and transported to the Broward County Jail where she awaits a trial.

She isn’t the first to get into legal trouble while travelling on a plane.

Recently, an anonymous woman revealed how her and her then-boyfriend were held by the Dubai authorities – after telling a man to stop tapping his foot.

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