Millie Mackintosh shares throwback nude pregnancy pic and details how her body has changed

Millie Mackintosh has opened up about how her body has changed since she became a mother (Getty)
Millie Mackintosh has opened up about how her body has changed since she became a mother, pictured in 2017 (Getty)

Millie Mackintosh has shared a nude photograph taken while she was pregnant on her Instagram page.

The Made in Chelsea star, who gave birth to her daughter, Sienna, in May this year, shared the pic alongside a ‘love letter’ to her body.

The letter was posted as part of a project called A Love Letter to My Body, which was started by a friend of Mackintosh’s who runs the @thisisfindingbalance Instagram account. The series seeks to create a space where anyone can share their own personal relationship with their body “in the hope that they will relate to someone else and help them feel less alone in their insecurities”.

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In an Instagram caption accompanying the pic, the 31-year-old wrote that she’s always been her ‘own worst critic’.

“[I have] had a love/hate relationship with my body,” she added. “My hope in writing this is that I can remind myself how lucky I am to have the body I live in and to treat it with more respect and kindness.”

Mackintosh’s letter is broken down into sections detailing how she feels about her hair, skin, boobs, tummy, bum and legs.

In the letter, she admits that she was bullied about her legs at school. “People said you were too thin and called me sparrow legs,” Mackintosh wrote. “Now I see you make me different and how lucky I am to have you. You take me places and support me, and I would say you are my favourite body part.”

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Mackintosh adds that since she grew and carried her daughter in her tummy, she has ‘new found respect’ for it.

“I admit I find it hard sometimes to love your new softness and jiggle that is inevitable after having a baby, but I feel more connected to you as you grew a life inside of you, so it’s okay if you never look the same, you have a story to tell now,” she wrote.

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Mackintosh also admitted that she misses her “perky” boobs. “You fed my baby for the first four months of her life and for that I will always be so grateful,” she wrote. “Now you’ve deflated and after being so stretched, you look a little sad and saggy.

“How I miss you being perky and perfect. How did I not see it? I wish I appreciated you more before.”

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Mackintosh concludes the letter by reflecting on how much she has “allowed” her mind to “bully” her body:

“Our bodies are rooting for us all the time, constantly working to keep us alive, strong and thriving. Even if the mind decides it doesn’t love what it sees in the mirror, the body will love us back again.

“Since my body made me a mother, I’ve really started to accept that the human anatomy is perfectly imperfect, and that’s okay. We’re all wrongly trying to fit an impossible standard of perfection, and that needs to change.”

Mackintosh has been sharing details of her time as a new mother with her followers on Instagram ever since the birth of her daughter.

She has previously spoken about her experience of “the Baby Blues”, breastfeeding and her baby being diagnosed with hip dysplasia.

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