What Mercury in retrograde means for your star sign

Photo credit: Cosmopolitan UK
Photo credit: Cosmopolitan UK

The Mercury Retrograde has become quite the celebrity of the astrological transits world, and we go back into it from 9th September until 2nd October 2022. All it means, in truth, is that because of the differing speeds of orbit, it looks like Mercury is spinning backwards for a while. It isn’t. It’s just an optical illusion.

But, that doesn’t stop us inferring a meaning from this and: that retrogrades can block up, or backfire, a planet’s influence. Mercury is all about travel, commerce, and communication, so these areas are sometimes adversely affected during a retrograde. Delays, setbacks, crossed wires, missed signals, tech issues etc. Ugh.

BUT… you will get through it my friends. It’s not that bad. Just be sure to save your documents, maybe avoid any big trips or contract signing if you can! Be prudent, attentive, and have a Plan B. Let the tarot guide you towards the number one thing you should be cautious about this retrograde season, giving you the heads up to take action and avoid any mishaps!

What Mercury in Retrograde means for your star sign

ARIES – Five of Cups

There’s something linking you to a past sad event. It could be an anniversary or a reunion or a date coming up, which is a time to be extra cautious about your travel or communications. Five of Cups is a grief card. Grief is a strong emotion, it can cloud our judgment, make us speak rashly, or open up old wounds. Give yourself privacy, time, and compassion during this event. Don’t overload your schedule, take on too much, or feel pressured to have big conversations.

TAURUS – Two of Cups

Your love and dating life might experience a few ~gremlins~ in the coming weeks. Mixed signals, crossed wires, miscommunication. Be clear and overt in your messages, and ask for clarity from others before jumping to any conclusions, okay? The Two of Cups reveals all will be well, it just might take a bit extra attention and focus to ensure you get what each other is REALLY saying or feeling.

GEMINI – Nine of Swords

You are such a private, secret worrier, Gem, as shown by the Nine of Swords. You rarely share your fears or anxieties with anyone and, as such, they get bottled up and loom out of all proportion, deep inside. Mercury Retrograde can bring you fresh fodder to whittle about as things go a bit wrong, messages are lost or remain unread, or deadlines change. Don’t take everything at face value or worst case scenario it. Ask for clarity, double check, get the truth before you start worrying.

CANCER – Knight of Cups

The Knight of Cups asks you to make sure your friendship or family group are all on the same page when it comes to upcoming events, reunions, celebrations or get togethers. No other area of life can get so fraught with crossed wires and disgruntled reactions than the social calendar. People get overlooked, or prioritised too often, or taken for granted…. Or maybe they don’t but the communication FEELS that way. Pay super close attention to this.

LEO – Ace of Coins


You are working on a long-term goal (work, home, money or health), which is taking months rather than weeks. So you’ve naturally got milestones and deadlines and action happening during this retrograde, as shown by the steady Ace of Coins. Leo, dot your Is and cross your Ts during this phase. Make sure you’ve got the right paperwork, timings, people, and advice. Double check stuff as a matter of course. You don’t want any little snags to unravel your good work.

VIRGO – Page of Swords


The biggest worry during this retrograde season is of your own making and it comes in the form of procrastination and dithering about something you should actually just be getting on with (because it’s the right choice, and you know it). The Page of Swords has you at 6s and 7s, overthinking, second guessing yourself, sabotaging your analysis. Put it all aside, make a firm choice, and act on it. If you leave threads hanging then this retrograde could unravel a lot of work in progress. Tie them off!

LIBRA – Judgment


Libra, as you make this life changing shift in your outlook or priorities in life, try and keep it distant and protected from the outside world if you know what I mean. Judgment shows you’re going through something, having a wake-up call, changing your mind. Don’t let outside squabbles or mixed messages infiltrate this thought process. Meditate, reflect, and keep in internal. Come 3rd October, you'll be ready to talk through what you’re feeling.

SCORPIO – The Emperor


In areas where you take the lead (in work, community, family or social circles) make sure you are being super clear, super compassionate, and super direct about what you need from people and whether they can truly deliver it. The Emperor sees you in leadership mode, which suits you. Scorpios are strong and confident. However, don’t be dogmatic or overly focused on what YOU need, vs what THEY can really do. Keep conversations open. Be direct, but listen too.

SAGITTARIUS – The Hanged Man


The Hanged Man asks you to just let things be for a few weeks. Not on everything but if there’s a project, process or relationship which totally stalls and reaches a blockage, then don’t overthink it or try too hard to push it forwards. It has hit that snag for a reason. Let it sit there a while and do something else. Sometimes things happen when you’re not looking, and this is likely to be one of those times. Less is more.

CAPRICORN – Queen of Cups


Don’t get frazzled by petty little issues or setbacks. Sometimes you react too strongly to the small stuff, because you’re wound too tightly. Make sure you’re getting time for deep rest, pleasing relaxation, and self care these next few weeks. Make sure, with the compassionate Queen of Cups, you’re not driving yourself too hard, asking too much, or putting on the pressure. Release that valve. Take it easier, streamline the priorities, stretch the deadlines a little. Be kind to yours truly, because it's often YOU who makes your own life harder.

AQUARIUS – King of Coins


If you have any significant appointments, contractual meetings or signings, legal stuff, applications, or financial changes happening during this retrograde, then do yourself a favour and do it yourself. Make sure you are in control and don’t leave it to others. The King of Coins asks you to take charge of important actions in these kind of areas, so you KNOW it’s been done right, to your requirements, on time.

PISCES – King of Cups


Make sure you are paying attention to your intuition and sense of how others are REALLY feeling during this retrograde, because there are likely to be mixed signals and what people say is often NOT what they really think. You have a gut feeling for truth. The King of Cups gives you permission to lean on that intuition, more so than fact or objective assessment. Trust your hunches, and act on them.

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