Men use gender swap filter to find out what it's really like to be a woman on Tinder

Men are using Snapchat's gender swap filter to create fake profiles on Tinder [Photo: Getty]
Men are using Snapchat's gender swap filter to create fake profiles on Tinder [Photo: Getty]

Hands up, whose WhatsApp group has been inundated with countless selfies from friends using Snapchat’s new gender swap feature?

The app’s latest filter - which enables you to see what you’d look like as woman - has proven a social media hit and now, men have found a clever use for the hilarious craze.

Male Snapchat users have been creating faux Tinder profiles using photographs of themselves as women to see what it’s really like to be a female user on the online dating app.

One social media user explained that her brother pretended to be a female dater using the Snapchat filer and had already received an influx of complimentary messages.

Alongside a screenshot of his fake profile, she wrote: “How do these men think that is a real woman’s face?”

Another, revealed that they had already been invited to go on a trip across America after using the filter to create a fake online persona.

Thankfully, the gender swap feature may finally enable men to understand the messages female users have to put up with on a daily basis.

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“I made a Tinder using the new Snapchat filter to see what would happen, and these are the f*cking messages I got,” one Twitter user wrote. “I feel for you women everywhere if this is what your inboxes actually look like.”

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Another agreed, concluding that after using Tinder for 30 minutes he “hates men”.

Another added, “I made a Tinder using that female Snapchat filter and holy f*** did I make a mistake.”

But with women receiving a large number of inappropriate - not to mention -unsolicited images from matches, it may finally help men understand what it’s like to be a woman in the world of online dating.