Men are sending explicit photos to women on public transport

The number of men sending explicit photos on public transport is on the rise [Photo: Getty]

A shocking new trend has arisen on public transport: men are sending penis pictures to unsuspecting women.

The trend, which was first spotted in London in 2015, has now been seen numerous times on the New York subway.

Sexual predators are using the iPhone’s AirDrop function to flash their genitals to victims only a few metres away.

The messages are anonymous, attracting even more men whose identity will remain hidden.

Last month, one female New Yorker spoke out about her experience on the subway. Britta Carlson told the New York Post that she received an explicit photo entitled ‘Straw’ from an anonymous sender.

“It was just a huge close-up picture of a disgusting penis. It really felt like someone had actually just flashed me,” she said.

Men are able to send photos anonymously using iPhone’s AirDrop app [Photo: Getty]

The AirDrop function can be switched off although a lot of people don’t realise theirs is even on, leaving them vulnerable to situations such as this.

There are three options: users can either allow their phone to receive files from anyone, just their contacts or no one at all.

AirDrop uses Bluetooth, meaning that anyone within 100 metres can send any files of their choosing.

Another victim, Frankie Navisch, also spoke to the New York Post about how he was left disgusted after receiving a penis picture.

“I wanted to punch him in the mouth for carelessly buckshotting genitalia to phones that could potentially be owned by children,” he commented.

To be safe, check your AirDrop settings right now. And if you don’t own an iPhone, there’s no need to worry.

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