Vasectomies are becoming a summer trend

<i>Rich men are getting vasectomies to stop potential gold diggers [Photo: Getty]</i>
Rich men are getting vasectomies to stop potential gold diggers [Photo: Getty]

Some would say irreversible surgical procedures should never be taken lightly. But the men of the Hamptons would disagree.

The infamous area – known for attracting rich New York residents in the summer – has seen a sharp rise in the number of vasectomies being requested.

This is down to one simple reason: well-off bachelors are scared of women trapping them with a baby.

According to several Hamptons regulars, many women lie about being on birth control in order to fall pregnant and obtain money.

They feel that a vasectomy is their safest option – especially after some women went to even greater lengths to try and trap them.

One 34-year-old man recalled his experience of a woman trying to pull the wool over his eyes last year. After sleeping together, she offered to dispose of the used condom.

The man noticed that she had been a while and walked in to find her sitting on the toilet, trying to insert his semen.

“There’s a spike in single guys” getting the procedure in spring and early summer, Dr. David Shusterman told the New York Post. “This extortion happens all the time. Women come after them. [They get pregnant and] want a ransom payment.”

“Some guys do an analysis of the cost – for three days of discomfort [after a vasectomy], it’s worth millions of dollars to them. I never see a poor guy asking for a vasectomy.”

<i>It takes three months for sperm to be completely eliminated [Photo: Getty]</i>
It takes three months for sperm to be completely eliminated [Photo: Getty]

One man estimated that around 20% of the single women he encounters are looking to fall pregnant. By doing so, they will be entitled to 18-21 years of child support payments and may obtain a green card if they are non-American.

Doctors recommend that patients freeze their sperm before going through with the procedure as only 50% of cases are successfully reversed.

That way, men will still be able to have a child. The difference is it will be when and with whom they choose.

The strange trend comes after the ‘stealthing’ news that rocked the nation. The term described the practice of men non-consensually removing a condom during sex.

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