Woman claps back hard when sexually assaulted by man in bar

Was it fair self defence? [Photo: Pexels]

Nothing beats the fury felt after a man touches your body without so much of a hint of permission.

Otherwise known as, well, sexual assault, many of us simply move away for fear of the situation escalating or them getting aggressive.

But not one woman, Krystal Olsen, from Arizona who, when she was allegedly groped by a random guy, fought back.

“This guy grabbed my ass, I dragged him out in a choke hold, he slammed me into a wall,” the bartender wrote on Twitter.

“And is crying like a b*tch when he got arrested.”

Tweeting her story along with a photograph of the man sat on the floor in tears, Krystal Olsen’s story has since gone viral with 80,000 retweets and 358,000 likes.

She explained in its replies that after her retaliation the head of security got involved, took the photo with her standing by, and sent it to her.

The scenario clearly struck a chord with lots of people who have replied to the tweet with words of support.

“Shout out to you for defending yourself,” wrote one. “Proud of you.”

And another commented: “You are awesome and I want my daughter to grow up to be just like you.”

Though besides congratulations, it’s also sparked a debate as to whether she reacted too strongly.

One questioned: “So you couldn’t just slap him or something? You went straight to full chokehold?”

While another wrote: “Poor boy. You don’t think you’ve overreacted?”

But plenty of Twitter users have rushed to her defence:

“Men don’t get to touch what they want whenever they want and get a simple slap on the wrist,” one person responded.

“He assaulted her so she assaulted him back.”

And another had a similar argument: “Don’t assault someone and they won’t need to defend themselves,” they said.

“Case closed. Open & shut. That simple. Don’t grab strangers.”

We reached out to Olsen for comment, and will update this article if she gets in touch.

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