Men Are Using Apps To Track Their Female Colleagues’ Periods


Taking workplace sexism to a whole new level [Photo: via Pexels]

Give us a minute as we’re still in shock about this latest story. Ok, here goes: Apparently men are now using period-tracking apps to work out when their female colleagues are on their periods.

Before you assume that it’s so they can be super supportive by having the Nurofen Plus on standby, it’s actually so that they can ‘stay away from trouble’ and ‘avoid unnecessary situations.’ Wow, just wow!

According to a woman discovered that her male colleagues had started tracking her periods on their work calendar after an in-office argument. She had cried because he said something about her talking back (yeah we know, sexist in itself right?), he asked if she was on her period, and began to keep track, sending himself alerts, to ‘avoid’ situations like these in the future.

Yeah because work-place disagreements are only caused when woman are on their period, and not because their male colleagues have done something wrong/behaved badly!

“They want to stay away from me when I’m PMSing, because I get a bit moody,” the woman involved told her friend before laughing off the incident.

But the Internet isn’t about to laugh it off.

“This is insane. Men tracking their female colleagues’ periods, on shared calendars, behind their backs. W.T.F,” one woman tweeted.

“Needs to be a sack-able offense [sic]” one male tweeter wrote.


Because women can’t possibly function at work when they’re on their period [Photo: Rex Features]

But it turns men tracking women’s periods is an actual thing. Apps such as iAmAMan and PMS Buddy were specifically designed to alert men when a woman is about to start their period. Although both apps are no longer available, the idea was that boyfriends/work colleagues/men in general could adjust their behaviour or just generally avoid engaging with women who are on their period. Which is frankly ridiculous. And offensive.

Just for the record. Millions of women manage to function perfectly normally with or without their period. Women don’t suddenly turn into irrational monsters the minute we need to use a tampon. Granted we might be suffering from some period cramps, and ok we might be a teensy bit more sensitive, but chances are no one would even notice.

So if we do call you out on something at work, the likelihood is that it was less to do with the fact we’ve got PMS and more the fact it was actually deserved. So can we please stop with all this period tracking nonsense now?


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