Meghan Markle debuts new jewellery and it's extremely rare

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have shared photos of their trip to Botswana in 2017 to mark #WorldElephantDay. In the photo, Meghan can be seen wearing one of her favourite rings - the Kismet by Milka ring - and a bracelet we've never seen before - an elephant hair bracelet. Meghan wears the silver steel accessory on her left wrist and the idea of it originates in Africa. Back in the day, jewellery was made from elephant hair, but in recent years, they are now made from different materials, most often wire and different beads.


But this jewellery holds an even more special meaning. Elephant hair bracelets are so famous in Africa because people believe they bring them luck. It's also believed that whoever wears this kind of bracelet will be blessed with health, love, prosperity and progress. People in Africa believe that an elephant is also the connecting factor between heaven and earth, and this kind of mythology gives the elephant hair bracelet even more significance in their culture.

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The elephant bracelet usually can have either two, four or six knots, and this also has significant meaning. Two knots signify and represent the earth which represents fertility and ancestors and nature which represent spirits and forces. Therefore, it is believed to create a balance between nature and earth. Remember Meghan wore this pre-Archie, but could fertility have been on the brain during this trip?

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Also, the fact Meghan is wearing the bracelet on her left wrist also has a hidden meaning. If you wear the elephant bracelet on the left hand, it's to show that it has been gifted by someone special. If it's worn on the right, it could signal that you've killed the elephant yourself. Was this one of Harry's first special gifts to his wife-to-be, we wonder?

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