Why Meghan Markle asked to 'sneak' out of New York baby shower

Danielle Stacey
Royal Correspondent
Meghan in New York for her baby shower. [Photos: Getty]

The Duchess of Sussex wanted to sneak out of her baby shower in New York, to change the “optics” around the £300,000 trip, according to official documents.

It has been claimed that Meghan, 38, asked US police officers to help her leave The Mark Hotel through a side entrance, rather than the main doors, to avoid “giving the potential impression that she was enjoying the media attention.”

The State Department documents, obtained by Mail Online, say that Meghan, referred to as the VIP, requested to leave out of service door but officers said a change of plans would mean that the vehicles would have to move "telegraphing our intent" to anyone outside.

The report says: "The VIP explained that her intent was to change the literal optics of the departure, making it appear that she was at least attempting to sneak out of the hotel in photos rather than exiting through the main entrance and giving the potential impression that she was enjoying the media attention.”

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Meghan in New York. [Photo: Getty]

It also claims that when Meghan went to dinner with Serena Williams at Polo Bar off 5th Avenue, the “motorcade took a roundabout route to get there.” But the pair were photographed going into the restaurant, indicating that details of their itinerary had been leaked.

The report also refers to Meghan’s change of lunch plans, when she realised that she could be photographed at Flora Bar in the Met Breuer, through the large glass ceiling. She moved to Café Boulud, inside the more private Surrey Hotel.

The baby shower hosted by her friends Serena Williams and Amal Clooney at The Mark Hotel’s £60,000-a-night penthouse suite, drew some criticism.

Meghan also travelled to and from the US on a private jet, which reportedly costs around £100,000 each way and was paid for by Amal Clooney.