'Meghan and Harry's baby could opt out of royal life in future'

Meghan and Harry’s baby could ‘opt out of royal life’ down the line.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are just days away from welcoming their first child but there is already talk about what the future holds for their newborn.

“I can quite easily see this child, in 20 years time, completely opting out and being the superstar,” says royal editor Robert Jonson.

Speaking to Yahoo UK’s ‘The Royal Box,’ he adds: “You never know what the child’s going to do. Be royal but not royal, be a member of this famous family, but they can easily be up there as a rock star or movie star, they can be completely different.

“There’s no reason why this child should go down the route of being a member of the Royal Family in a conventional way.”

Harry and Meghan in Morocco in February 2019 [Photo: PA]
Harry and Meghan in Morocco in February 2019 [Photo: PA]

The baby will be seventh in line to the throne when he or she arrives and therefore has more scope to carve out their future.

In comparison, the Cambridge children’s roles are more set in stone. Prince George, five, is third in line to the throne and will be one day be king, after his father William.

Princess Charlotte, three, and one-year-old Prince Louis will also carry out official royal duties and take on patronages when they’re older.

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Jobson thinks that Meghan and Harry’s child “will have a bit of freedom,” when it comes to his or her future.

He adds: “It’s clearly, from knowing Harry over the years, something that he certainly has hankered after and I think if he could give that to his son or daughter, he would.”

In an interview with the Mail on Sunday in June 2017, Harry admitted he once 'wanted out' and considered quitting Royal Family to live a commoner's life.