Meat eaters can now get paid to go vegan

If you've been contemplating veganism, this might be for you. [Photo: Getty]
If you've been contemplating veganism, this might be for you. [Photo: Getty]

If you’ve been contemplating going vegan, you might be interested to know that multivitamin brand, We Are Feel, will pay you £2,000 to make the change.

It’s looking for five people to take part in a three-month study to determine how your body reacts to switching to veganism.

The popularity of the vegan lifestyle has quadrupled in the past four years, with restaurants and fast-food chains bolstering their plant-based offerings.

But, would £2,000 encourage you to take the plunge?

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The brand doesn’t want you to just adopt the plant-based diet, it also wants to test how its supplements can help your body prepare for its new way of eating.

It wants to focus on the deficiencies your body might experience as a result of the change so as well as the meat-free diet, you’ll also have to take supplements including: B12, vitamin C, iron, folate, lodine and vitamin D.

There is a catch to this £2,000, though. Each week you’ll have to give yourself a blood test in the form of an at-home pin prick test and send it off to We Are Feel.

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The researchers involved in this study will start by looking at how your body reacts to its new vegan lifestyle by analysing the data from month one.

In month two, it’ll introduce vitamins to counteract any negative impact the diet is having on your health.

The study starts in December, so those who apply will be enjoying a plant-based Christmas dinner.

Those who want to apply will have to do so speedily, because applications close on 11 November.

To be eligible, you must have regularly eaten meat in the past six months, be aged between 18 and 60 and not have any pre-existing medical conditions (which include diabetes and obesity).

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