McDonalds will soon be selling Quarter Pounder scented candles

The candles come in six different scents (Golden Arches Unlimited)
The candles come in six different scents (Golden Arches Unlimited)

2020 is shaping up to be the year of the weird and wacky fast food/fashion/homeware collab.

We’ve already seen KFC joining forces with Crocs to launch footwear that looks and smells like fried chicken and now McDonalds is jumping on the bonkers bandwagon to release a range of Quarter Pounder-themed merch, including a set of burger scented candles.

The box set includes six scented candles in glass containers, each inspired by Quarter Pounder ingredients: bun, Ketchup, pickle, cheese, onion and of course 100% Fresh Beef

Because who wouldn’t want their home to smell like a greasy burger?!

According to a press release from the fast food chain, the aroma should have universal appeal (except maybe to vegans or vegetarians): “Because there’s no better smell than 100 percent fresh beef and a perfect combination of toppings.”

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McDonalds is launching a range of scented candles (Golden Arches Unlimited)
McDonalds is launching a range of scented candles (Golden Arches Unlimited)

The merch is the first drop for the fast food chain’s new Quarter Pounder Fan Club launched to celebrate nearly 50 years of the iconic burger.

Maccy D fans will soon be able to snap up everything from engraved lockets to matching Quarter Pounder couple's mittens, you know should you wish to take your love of a good burger to epic new levels.

There are also less out-there items to show your burger love in a more measured way, like t-shirts, pins, stickers and calendars.

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Sadly, however, this is a McDonalds US launch so we don’t yet know if British burger fans can look forward to filling their homes with the scent of fresh beef any time soon.

We’ve contacted McDonalds UK to find out if us Brits will be able to bag ourselves a set of burger candles and will keep you posted.

In the mean time why not hit up to peruse how those across the pond can let their McDonalds love fly!

Candle scents are certainly pushing aroma boundaries of late.

Last year, KFC launched a gravy-scented candle dedicated to those who just can’t get enough of the brown stuff.

The limited edition burners were designed to fill your home with the “soothing aroma” of KFC gravy.

More recently, Gwyneth Paltrow added another unique product to her online Goop store, in the form of a ‘This smells like my vagina’ candle.

Unsurprisingly, the £57 year old candle created quite the buzz, so much so that it quickly sold out.

There are no words.