McDonald's is adding these six items back onto its menu

McDonald's is adding to its currently limited menu. (Getty Images)
McDonald's is adding to its currently limited menu. (Getty Images)

You only had to look at the queues outside McDonald’s restaurants post-lockdown to know how much British people missed their fast food fix.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the restaurant chain closed on 23 March, along with other restaurants up and down the country as we entered the nationwide lockdown.

After lockdown, McDonald’s decided to open with a limited menu and slowly add more items as time went on.

There were a couple of items Britons were pining over, though: one being the much-loved Apple Pie.

Today, 13 August, marks the day that the beloved dessert is back on the menu, along with five other McDonald’s favourites.

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The double Quarter Pounder With Cheese, the Chicken Legend (in Cool Mayo, Spicy, and BBQ), the Apple Pie, the Toffee Latte, the Millionaire’s Donut, and Carrot Sticks are all back in stock in the UK and Ireland.

Although people might not be queuing up for the carrot sticks, McDonald’s has reported that the Chicken Legend and Apple Pie are both amongst the public’s most-missed items.

The Quarter Pounder is so popular that McDonald’s recently branched out into selling Quarter Pounder scented candles.

After all, who doesn’t want a candle that smells like meat?

The Apple Pie was also so popular last year that McDonald’s decided to branch into the wedding market and offer loved-up brides and grooms-to-be the chance to have an Apple Pie wedding cake.

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Let’s not forget that all of the items will be included in the government’s VAT reduction scheme, making them a little bit cheaper than usual.

If you opt to eat in at the restaurant, it’s also worth remembering that the Eat Out To Help Out scheme runs on Monday - Wednesday throughout August and McDonald’s is participating.

Each customer will get up to 50% off their bill, up to the value of £10 per person.

If McDonald’s isn’t really your bag but you’d like to Eat Out To Help Out, some restaurant chains have done away with the £10 per person government limit and are offering all kinds of great discounts.

The UK government started the month-long initiative at the beginning of August, in a bid to kickstart the economy after the coronavirus lockdown.

There’s still almost half of August left, so it’s worth getting in while the offers are still there.

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