McDonald's is finally making a vegan burger

McDonals are trialling a vegan burger. [Photo: Mcdonaldssuomi/ Instagram]
McDonals are trialling a vegan burger. [Photo: Mcdonaldssuomi/ Instagram]

Anyone who is vegan knows that the struggle is real.

If it’s not tracking down a bar of dairy-free chocolate, or trying to find an appropriate restaurant to eat out at with friends, then it’s the end of night fast food stop, when all your mates are digging into their Maccy D’s, whilst you sat green-eyed snacking on a fruit pot.

Well, not anymore.

McDonald’s have finally created a vegan burger, and we could not be happier (and ever so slightly relieved) about it.

The originally named ‘McVegan’ is made up of tomato, salad, pickles and vegan McFeast sauce, all placed between two soy-based buns. Vegan and tasty? We’re lovin’ it.

Unfortunately, at the moment it’s only being trialled at McDoanld’s in Finland, from 4th October to 21st November. But hey, if vegan Ben & Jerry’s can exist, then McVegan burgers can too.

Here’s hoping they make their way to the UK – pronto.

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