Marks & Spencer's 'love sausage' is back for Valentine's Day

It's back by popular demand. [Photo: Marks & Spencer]
It's back by popular demand. [Photo: Marks & Spencer]

It wouldn’t be Valentine’s Day without the Marks & Spencer love sausage.

Last year, everybody wanted to get in on the action, so it makes sense that the heart-shaped pork sausage is now making its second Valentine’s appearance.

This year it’s being sold for £6 – that’s £1 more than in 2019.

The sausage comes in a handy baking tray for minimal washing up. It’s also wrapped in smoked bacon with a hint of truffle. Delicious.

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The love sausage will hit the shelves on Friday 7 February.

This year, Marks & Spencer has added an extra treat to the love roster, as well.

Romantic breakfasts are a big thing on Valentine’s Day, especially with it falling on Friday – a working day – this year.

The Give A Little Love sausage is more of a breakfast meat. The ingredients are the same as that of its bigger friend, but this one comes in a twin-pack.

If it’s for a quick breakfast before work, this would be great with an egg cracked in the middle. If it’s the all-out Saturday morning feast you’re preparing, the mini love sausage can add a romantic twist to your full-English.

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Let’s be clear, if you want to get hold of this sausage, you’ll have to be quick.

Last year it sold out in minutes, with much of the same expected on 7 February.

Some of its popularity last year was down to the likes of Phillip Schofield tucking into one live on This Morning as well as Chris Evans on Virgin Radio.

The sausage even crossed the Atlantic and was featured on Late Night with Seth Meyers.

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If you’re looking for a vegan alternative, Marks & Spencer has catered for you. It has also launched a heart-shaped roasted beetroot and sweet onion burger called the Heart-beet burger.

Customers are already eagerly hounding the high-street retailer on Twitter in a bid to make sure they don’t miss out when they land in stores.

“Maybe this year we can enjoy the love sausage #soldout,” one person wrote, bitter about last year’s experience.

“Hopefully Marks & Spencer will have their #SupplyChain sorted this year ... went to 5 (that's FIVE) M&S stores in and around Nottingham last year in a vain attempt to chase one of the elusive beasts down,” another tweeted.

Unsurprisingly, Marks & Spencer’s Twitter mentions are filled up with innuendos from people who are pretty sure M&S knew exactly what they were doing when they named it the love sausage.

One woman wrote: “If Marks & Spencer says it didn't know what it was doing when it called this the #LoveSausage it's lying.”

The Twitter masses were particularly enthralled by the fact that M&S has now also brought out a smaller version of the love sausage.

One of the women behind the love sausage, product developer Kirsty Rowley, said: “Love Sausage mania swept the UK and beyond last year, and it was a HUGE hit with our customers.

“There may be some imitators this year (the sincerest form of flattery) but I am happy to say the original and BEST is BACK! And it is joined by the perfect package of the smaller Give a Little Love Sausage.”