Man asks for help deciding between between two 'gorgeous' women

A man has revealed he is stuck deciding between two perfect women [Photo:  Getty]
A man has revealed he is stuck deciding between two perfect women [Photo: Getty]

Many people can spend quite some time in search of the perfect life partner.

But one man has found two ideal relationship candidates - and it appears he feels it is a curse rather than a blessing.

The 34-year-old is stuck between his “irresistible” high school girlfriend and his “dream woman” who is both “sexy and funny”.

He wrote into’s Relationship Rehab column asking for help with the difficult dilemma of choosing between the two potential lovers.

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The man wrote: “I’m 34 and am having trouble choosing between the two women I’ve been dating.

“One of them is my dream woman — she’s smart, sexy, funny and works in the same industry as me and I can see a real future with her.

“But the other one is my high school girlfriend and no matter what I do, I can’t seem to resist her.

“I can go months without speaking to her but then she’ll text me and I’ll fall straight back into old habits.

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“Is this a sign she’s really the one for me?

“Or should I cut ties for good and focus on building a life with my dream girl?”

Isiah McKimmie, a sexologist, proceeds to give him her straight-talking advice.

She suggests that his description of reigniting romance every few months with his high school girlfriend as like “falling back into old habits” is a warning sign.

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“What are the reasons you two haven’t been able to work it out? How is it that you can go months without talking to each other?” the expert asks.

Isiah also points out that he seems “on the fence” about his “dream” woman too.

“What are your deeper fears about pursuing this?” she questions.

The sexologist advises: “What did you learn about relationships growing up? What did you see modelled?

“Notice if there are any themes or similarities between what you saw and your current relationships.

“They may also explain why you’re having difficulty making a decision between these women.”

We do hope he made the right choice in the end...