Woman asks if she should be angry at husband who greets his female friend: 'Hey beautiful'

Would you be annoyed if your husband greeting another woman 'hello beautiful'? [Photo: Getty]
Would you be annoyed if your husband greeting another woman 'hello beautiful'? [Photo: Getty]

A woman has turned to the Internet to ask if she’s within her rights to be annoyed that her husband greets his female friend “Hello beautiful.”

Back story: the woman’s hubby and his mate, Anne, have been friends for over 10 years.

“They made out and almost had sex one time in the very beginning, but she said she preferred to be friends instead,” she told Reddit.

“He has a lot of really good female friends. But she is the only one (besides me) that he calls beautiful.”

The woman went on to explain that she used to love it when she’d call her husband and he would answer “Hello Beautiful”, but after overhearing him respond to Anne in the same way she can’t help feeling jealous.

“I thought it was our special thing. I didn't like the thought of having to share our special thing with another woman,” she wrote.

Though the woman has never met Anne, she has seen pictures and she is very attractive.

When she challenged her husband about it, he said he always said it to her because “women like to be called beautiful”, but he couldn’t explain why he didn’t use the same greeting with his other female friends.

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Now, that she knows she’s not the only one her husband greets in that way she no longer sees it as special, so asked him not to say it to her again.

But having borrowed her husband’s computer, she stumbled upon a chat between him and Anne, which has left her feeling hurt and angry.

“She messaged him asking him if he could give her the phone number of a mutual friend of theirs, and he responded with ‘For you, I would do anything,’” the woman explained. “And he gave her the number and she said Thank you and he said ‘You're welcome Beautiful.’”

Now she is unsure if she should bring it up with him or if she is being unreasonable in feeling jealous over this.

A woman has turned to the Internet for advice about her husband's friendship with another woman [Photo: Getty]
A woman has turned to the Internet for advice about her husband's friendship with another woman [Photo: Getty]

And the forum was quick to wade in and offer their own opinions on the subject.

Some people thought the original poster was right to be upset with many suspecting the greeting wasn’t completely innocent.

“He’s seriously crossing a boundary here, whether he realises it or not,” one user wrote.

“It really seems like he still has underlying feelings for her, especially with his whole ‘idk why I don't call any other female friends Beautiful’ and ‘For you, anything’,” another agreed.

“It kind of sounds like he views Anne as the one who got away and still has feelings for her,” another commented.

Others shared stories of their own close friendships

“I’m married, and I’ve been good friends with an opposite gender friend for 12 years and I’d never even think of saying something like that to them,” one user wrote.

“There’s a boundary there - because they’re a friend. And I’m in love with my partner, not them. OP’s husband is either cheating or wants to.”

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But many didn’t think there was necessarily anything wrong with how the woman’s husband was acting.

“Not everyone acts the same when it comes to friendships and not all friendships are equal,” one user wrote.

“I have an old guy friend that I'm super comfortable with and I'm not gonna lie from an outside view, how we interact could totally look bad. But we know it's nothing sexual and both SO's know it's just how we interact ( sitting on each other, pet names, even "Love you" but I say that to his wife too :) ) and no we never had sex nor would we.”

“For me, the fact that he is making no attempt to hide this behaviour from you, answering the phone in that way in front of you, leaving his Facebook logged in, suggests that he’s not engaged in any deliberate infidelity,” another user offered.

“I suspect that it is closer than typical friendship and he’s fond of her, but that he’s pretty oblivious that it’s coming across as something else,” they continued.

“I think giving him the benefit of the doubt about his intentions, but educating him about how it makes you feel is the best strategy.”

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In this case it isn’t known whether the woman’s husband has committed infidelity, earlier this year, a bride-to-be was left distraught after finding her partner’s Tinder profile just two days before their wedding.

In another instance, a man confronted his unfaithful girlfriend at the airport with a giant ‘cheating’ sign.