Man faced with moral dilemma after Tinder date runs out on bill

Francesca Specter
·Yahoo Style UK deputy editor
A man was abandoned by his Tinder date as soon as the bill arrived. [Photo: Getty]
A man was abandoned by his Tinder date as soon as the bill arrived. [Photo: Getty]

A man has taken to the internet for advice after his dinner date ran out on their shared restaurant bill.

We’ve all heard of bad Tinder etiquette, from lying about your age and height to giving a date brutal feedback.

Posting to Reddit, he explained he had eaten at a restaurant with a woman he’d met on Tinder – at a place she suggested.

Then, when they finished the meal, she “literally just got up and left” rather than agreeing to split the bill.

“Technically she dined and dashed,” he reasoned, adding that he had initially suggested they go for coffee rather than dinner.

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The man took to Reddit in order to ask his fellow users what to do about settling the bill.

“WIBTA [Would I Be The Asshole] if I gave the restaurant the name and phone number of my Tinder date?,” he asked.

In the mean time, fate intervened – as the man realised the woman had left her driver’s license at the restaurant’s bar – meaning she’d likely have to return to the bar. Plus, the bartender agreed to put the woman’s food items on a tab for her to pay when she came back.

Karma? Perhaps.

Reddit users criticised the woman’s bad behaviour – and her refusal to pay her way on the date.

“The idea of women getting dates paid for in the modern era represents a form of female privilege that needs to go,” read one comment.

“Dates should be split by default, especially since she suggested it. Ask for sperate checks and tell the manager you were dined and dashed and give the info.” [sic]

Another person wrote: “Behavior like this is disgusting.” [sic]

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However, some urged the man to make sure he acted fairly towards the restaurant staff.

“No way should you have to pay for her, but it's not the restaurant's fault either, wrote one user.

“You could text/call her and let her know you're planning to do that, and that the restaurant is planning to pursue the issue with her (whether or not they are) maybe then she'll come back and deal with the bill.”

Unfortunately, this woman’s behaviour is not unheard of – with a third of women admitting they would go on a date purely for a free meal.