Couple who regularly swap sides of the bed spark debate about sleep habits

Many couples have set sides of the bed. [Photo: Getty]
Many couples have set sides of the bed. [Photo: Getty]

If you share a bed with a partner or spouse, you likely have a set routine for bedtime.

From what time you turn the lights off to whether or not you like to spoon while sleeping, many habits are individual to the couple.

However, social media users were left outraged after one man revealed he and his partner don’t have set “sides” of the bed they share. Journalist Steve O’Rourke revealed he and his partner Amy regularly swap sides.

After talking to his colleagues, he realised it was “unusual” – and decided to share it with his Twitter followers.

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Elaborating on this more unusual style of sleeping, O’Rourke said the pair choose their side for the night based on whoever gets into bed first.

However, many people simply couldn’t get over the idea of not having a regular bed side.

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Others said they slept on the same side every night, even if they weren’t in a couple.

However, O’Rourke wasn’t without his supporters – with some fellow “side swappers” chiming in to say they agreed with his approach.

Of course, some couples eschew the idea of bed “sides” altogether, with 36% of couples regularly sleeping in separate beds.

Recently, Yahoo UK spoke to a sleep expert on what your co-sleeping style says about your relationship.

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