Man proposes to girlfriend by tasking her with an engagement ring treasure hunt

A man came up with an unusual way to propose by letting his girlfriend use a metal detector to find the ring [Photo: SWNS]
A man came up with an unusual way to propose by letting his girlfriend use a metal detector to find the ring [Photo: SWNS]

Proposal pressure is an actual thing. Thanks largely to social media age, asking your other half to marry you has become increasingly competitive with the need to come up with something special, not to mention sentimental reaching epic proportions.

But one man had no trouble ticking the ‘different’ question-popping box when he buried a £2,000 engagement ring in a field and left it for his girlfriend to find with a metal detector.

Jamille Swainson, 31, plotted the brave proposal after his girlfriend Harriet Haseler, 30, revealed she’d enjoyed the hobby as a child.

Having hidden the sapphire and diamond studded ring in the ground, the builder told his unsuspecting girlfriend he was taking her on an ‘activities day’ which included a session using metal detectors.

The couple, who have been together for two years, found an 18th century penny, a musket ball, a silver sixpence and a silver Victorian locket before Harriet detected a metal box shaped like a military drum.

When she opened it there was a hessian sack inside where the ring had been hidden.

“I asked her to have a look inside the hessian sack and then went down on one knee,” Jamille said of the special moment.

“She was speechless.”

Harriet used a metal detector to find her engagement ring [Photo: SWNS]
Harriet used a metal detector to find her engagement ring [Photo: SWNS]

Commenting on her fiance’s out-there proposal Harriet said: “We had been finding things all morning, so I thought it could be some kind of penny.

“I then found an old tin which opened and inside I found an old bag with this gorgeous shiny new ring inside.

“I was speechless and couldn’t stop smiling, I was beaming.

“It was the most amazing feeling and I couldn’t believe how sweet the proposal was.”

Jamille first came up with the unusual proposal idea after Harriet told him of her fond memories of going metal detecting with her grandmother on a farm in Buckinghamshire.

“Harriet had mentioned a few times that she wanted to go metal detecting as a family so I thought it would be a great way to propose,” he said.

Jamille started planning to pop the question in August, getting in touch with the metal detecting company and asking permission from Harriet’s father.

After consulting Harriet’s sister for ring advice, Jamille settled on a ring with a 1.5 carat sapphire surrounded by a cluster of diamonds on a yellow gold band also covered in diamonds.

The £2K Sapphire and diamond ring [Photo: SWNS]
The £2K Sapphire and diamond ring [Photo: SWNS]

As if that wasn’t romantic enough, Jamille organised the proposal to fall on the weekend of Harriet’s 30th birthday.

“I planned a surprise weekend away for her birthday, she didn’t even know where we were going until the week before,” he said.

Since the sweet proposal, the couple have already started planning their big day, which they hope will be equally as informal and outdoorsy.

“It’s really nice that this has all happened and Harriet will never forget our special day,” Jamille added.

“I kind of feel like I nailed it!”

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