Man proposes to girlfriend by spelling out 'Marry Me' on cycling route

Blaze's cycle route turned into a proposal. [Photo: PA]
Blaze's cycle route turned into a proposal. [Photo: PA]

A man found a novel way to propose to his girlfriend of three years after spelling out the words “Marry me” on a 15.7 mile long bike route.

Jon Blaze, from Texas, USA, used the Strava app – a GPS service which records cycling and running routes on a map – to carry out the proposal to girlfriend (and now fianceé) Thao Nguyen.

After an hour-and-a-half long cycle ride (according to the Strava app data), Blaze got down on one knee and proposed to Nguyen.

Sharing the image of the cycling route on Reddit, Blaze wrote: “I went on a bike ride with my GF and showed her a nice surprise at the end of our ride. She said YES!”

The post has so far received over 8,000 upvotes from fellow Reddit users.

The couple, who co-manage the Instagram account @cycling.couple, also shared a sweet picture of them together shortly after their engagement.

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Blaze later told US news broadcaster ABC News of his nerves leading up to the proposal.

“I was nervous the entire ride, all the way up to where I got down on my knees, and was very relieved when it was all over,” he said.

The proposal has seemingly fuelled the pair’s love for cycling. The same day as they announced their engagement news, they shared a picture of them partaking in Critical Mass – a monthly cycling event in Houston, Texas which takes place over two hours.

While Blaze’s proposal was certainly out of the ordinary, he’s by no means the first to pull off an unconventional marriage request.

Earlier this year, Avengers-obsessed Ashley Ford shared how she proposed to her fellow fan and now-husband Kelly with a collectors ring.

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Then there was the man who spent three months planning a proposal to his girlfriend in front of the night stars, and the couple who got engaged at the Cannes Film Festival.