'Jilted John' proposes for second time to former fiancée who dumped him

A man known as “Jilted John” whose fiancée dumped him has proposed to her for the second time.

John Whitbread, 36, gained his unlucky nickname after he was dumped by his fiancée, Amy Jackson, in Christmas 2014, weeks before their wedding.

He later gained internet fame after took to eBay to raffle off Amy’s place on their would-be £1,950 honeymoon in the Caribbean.

Ultimately, he went on the holiday with a woman named Kelly Wood, who he met for the first time at the airport.

While, for many relationships, a broken engagement would spell the end, it would seem this wasn’t the case for Whitbread and his former fiancée.

John Whitbread who became known as “Jilted John” proposes to the fiancée who jilted him. [Photo: ITV]
John Whitbread who became known as “Jilted John” proposes to the fiancée who jilted him. [Photo: ITV]

Appearing on today’s ‘Good Morning Britain’ show, Whitbread announced his plans to propose live on air after reconciling with Jackson last year.

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He popped the question at 7:43am this morning over breakfast at a local cafe in Derbyshire, with the help of a flash mob posing as diners.

In the moving footage, Whitbread excuses himself to the toilet before meeting an ITV producer to pick up the engagement ring.

‘Good Morning Britain’ news correspondent, Katy Rickitt, who had been posing as a waitress, tells Jackson: “Amy, I just want to warn you, you are live on Good Morning Britain and I am not really a waitress. And John has a very special question for you.”

Meanwhile, the flash mob choir breaks out into song. Whitbread then returns with the ring, and gets down on one knee.

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He says: “You are my best mate, my soul mate. Will you marry me?”, to which Jackson responds: “Yes”.

Asked whether she had any clue about the proposal, Jackson tells ITV: “None at all.”

She says: “Absolutely no idea. I thought it was [the cafe’s] tenth anniversary. We were just having breakfast and chatting. Everyone got up singing, I thought, ‘oh that’s nice’ and then halfway through, I realised it was our favourite song. Then John didn’t appear and I thought, ‘what is this?’”

As for Whitbread, he describes his nerves surrounding the second proposal on the programme.

“All morning I have been trying my hardest to act normal, which is really quite hard to do…I am shaking, I have been a mess. I was so nervous, I couldn’t sleep at all,” he says.

Jackson agreed to marry Whitbread after his proposal. [Photo: ITV]
Jackson agreed to marry Whitbread after his proposal. [Photo: ITV]

He added: “I am so grateful to have such a perfect proposal. I am overwhelmed.”

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As for why Jackson ended the pair’s first engagement, she tells ITV: “I think a lot of it [in 2013] was all a bit rushed. Everything happened really quick. I think I just got cold feet, I panicked and didn’t know what to do. I just thought, ‘I can’t go through with it.

She adds: “You couldn’t write it. Our story is so special to us and we would never have ever thought this.

“When we separated, we would never have thought we would get back together, especially like this but we are so much stronger than we ever were, we know each other more, we understand each other more…things are so much different a few years on.”