Meet the Sudanese model taking down skin-shamers one Instagram at a time

Meet Nyakim Gatwick the model taking down beauty barriers one Instagram at a time [Photo: Instagram/queenkim_nyakim]
Meet Nyakim Gatwick the model taking down beauty barriers one Instagram at a time [Photo: Instagram/queenkim_nyakim]

Model Nyakim Gatwech, a model from South Sudan, loves her skin colour and she’s not prepared to put up with anyone trying to shame her for it.

So when she was once asked by an Uber driver if she’d consider bleaching her skin for $10,000 she couldn’t help but laugh.

Then when she stopped laughing she issued this brilliant response: “Why on earth would I ever bleach this beautiful melanin?”

Clapping hands emoji.

But there’s plenty more where that came from because the 24-year-old burgeoning fashion icon from South Sudan is busy taking down diversity barriers and sprinkling her beauty positivity wherever she goes.

Using her Instagram as a powerful reminder to her 156K followers that dark skin is something to be celebrated, Nyakim shares beautiful images alongside empowering messages encouraging others to embrace their skin-tone no matter is melanin level.

“There is nothing more power than be so comfortable in the skin your in!,” one post reads. “Black is bold black is beautiful black is gold don’t let American Standard damage your African soul”

“They say to me “Nyakim are you really that black??” and I answer what on earth is “that black” black is black in whatever remarkable shade,” she wrote alongside another image.

Not only is she flying the flag for diversity in the fashion industry, but Nyakim is also fast becoming a voice for black rights around the world.

“That look you give them when they try to tell you that you are pretty for black girl… like please,’” she voices in another Instagram post. “Black girls are everything, black itself.”

It’s little wonder she’s thoroughly embracing the new nickname she’s been given “Queen of the Dark.”

“So my new nickname is Queen of the Dark and I love it,’ she wrote on one Insta shot of her looking stunning in a black dress on an orange background.

“I’m so thankful and grateful to all the amazing people showing me love and support,” she continued.

“We are all beautiful in whatever shade of skin colour God create us in. So why should the dark be bad? Embrace and love who you are and world would (sic) as well!”

Preach Nyakim, preach!

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