Man films his daughter every day for 20 years in amazing time lapse video

Young father with his baby daughter lying together on the floor and make selfie and have some video-conversation via the cellphone. Minsk, Belarus, Eastern Europe.
A father took a video of his daughter every day for 20 years (depicted by stock image). [Photo: Getty]

A man has filmed a video of his daughter every day from her birth up until she turned 20.

Dutch artist and filmmaker Frans Hofmeester filmed a short clip of his daughter, Lotte, every day for 20 years in front of a neutral background. He then created an astonishing, five-minute-long time lapse video to show her ageing over a two decade period.

The video was brought to attention by broadcaster Jeremy Clarkson, who shared the video and commented: “I wish I’d done this”.

Other users have weighed in, calling the footage “incredible”.

The video depicts Lotte transitioning from a newborn baby into a cute toddler with bunches. The video depicts her at different life stages: going through a braces phase, getting various haircuts and sporting earrings to show she’s had her ears pierced.

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In the video description, the creator wrote: “To better understand the psychological phenomena of memory and time, Hofmeester sought for a concept that could be supported through the mediums of film and photography.

He added: “The time-lapses confront us with our mortality. In a montage of 5 minutes, the viewer can observe one of the most mysterious and profound processes in human life - to grow up and age. Hofmeester attempts to create and preserve a sense of reality.

“Thus, the portraits are created without the use of extra make-up or filters - bare, honest, unpolished and uncensored.”

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Earlier this year, a man used the time lapse technique to chronicle his weight loss. Billy Richards, 25, shed more than three stone in just eight months.

He recorded the impressive feat in time-lapse footage at his home in London after deciding to lose the pounds as part of a New Year’s Resolution. In the period of the video, the man’s body changes beyond recognition.