The luxury Easter eggs worth spending your money on

Danielle Fowler
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Luxury eggs are big business this Easter. [Photo: Laduree/Hotel Chocolat/Pierre Marcolini]

Lent is almost up, meaning it’s nearly time to break chocolate eggs for brekkie and crack on with those Easter egg hunts.

But for chocolate connoisseurs who aren’t bowled over by the conversation-starter Reese’s Egg or Aldi’s purse-friendly offerings, we’ve tracked down the most eggstravagant (sorry) treats on the shelves this spring.

From a Monet-inspired work of art by leading chocolatier Paul A. Young to a social media-worthy treat courtesy of French patisserie Ladurée, these are the luxury Easter eggs you won’t want to share.

£8 Heart Rabbit, Pierre Marcolini

£9 Heart Rabbits from Pierre Marcolini [Photo: Pierre Marcolini]

The fashion pack’s chocolatier of choice Pierre Marcolini is selling cutesy Heart Bunnies in celebration of Easter – perfect for hiding from the kids in the garden.

The trio come in dark, milk and white home-made chocolate lovingly crafted using Cameroon and Ecuador cocoa beans – little bites of heaven.

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£16 Rose Easter Egg, Ladurée

Rose Easter Egg from Ladurée [Photo: Ladurée]

Self-confessed fans of the French patisserie will be sure to put the Rose Easter Egg at the top of their spring wish list.

Boasting a rose-tinged Vanilla shell, the egg is filled with chocolate figurines and certainly steals the top spot for being the most gram-worthy.

If you don’t fancy sharing, upgrade your egg to a large for £45.

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£20 milk or dark chocolate egg, The Ivy

£20 milk or dark chocolate eggs from The Ivy [Photo: The Ivy]

You can’t get more luxurious than restaurant giant The Ivy and this spring, two chocolate eggs – in milk or dark chocolate – are available to shop in store.

But that’s not all, as each Easter egg is filled with delicious salted caramel truffles.

Available from 19th to 22nd April.

£45 Dream Eggs, Love Cocoa

£45 for four limited edition Dream Eggs from Love Cocoa [Photo: Love Cocoa]

For those on the Easter hunt for a lovely gift this season, the great-great-great grandson of Mr Cadbury, James Cadbury, is the man with a cracking idea. 

Priced at £45, his now-famous brand Love Cocoa is selling a box of four beautifully hand-painted speckled eggs which feature the Gin Dream Egg, the Passion Dream Egg, Salty Caramel Egg and the Nutty Praline Dream Egg – all of which feature a moreish centre.

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£52.99 Venchi milk chocolate and hazelnut egg, Selfridges

Venchi milk chocolate and hazelnut egg from Selfridges [Photo: Selfridges]

For those willing to break the bank this Easter, feast your eyes on the Venchi milk chocolate and hazelnut egg.

Priced at £52.99, it’s certainly not for the faint hearted but with a hidden treat awaiting us inside, who can resist cracking one open for breakfast?

A Selfridges rightly states, the Easter bunny has nothing on this.

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£75 limited edition Monet egg, Paul A Young

The limited edition Monet egg by Paul A Young [Photo: Paul A Young]

Serious Easter egg connoisseurs need not look anywhere else, as leading chocolatier Paul A Young has lovingly hand-painted this year’s limited edition Monet-inspired masterpiece.

Each £75 egg comes complete with a bespoke nine-piece box of Peruvian caramel truffles.

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£80 Classic Ostrich Egg, Hotel Chocolat

The Luxury Ostrich Egg from Hotel Chocolat [Photo: Hotel Chocolat]

In order to replicate an Ostrich egg, the Hotel Chocolat teamed measured a real one (yup, it’s an impressive kilo’s worth of chocolate).

Not for the faint hearted, the brand’s largest chocolate egg is made from 40% milk chocolate jam-packed with crunchy cookies and puffed rice with a 27-heavy tray of chocolates from pralines to truffles.

But if that enough to feed the family, there are six golden eggs hidden inside the box.

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