Love Island's Grace takes brutal swipe at ex Joey Essex with savage 8-word putdown

They say the course of true love never runs smooth – and that's never more true than in the Love Island villa.

With Joey Essex having split from Grace Jackson and coupled up with Jessy, there's drama ahead on Friday's episode. 28 June, when Joey makes Jessy a coffee and decides to make something for Grace, too.

He asks Jess to deliver a green tea to Grace, but when she’s given it, Grace puts it back into the corridor and insists: “I don’t want your s**tty green tea, mate.”

When Joey subsequently tries to bring it back to her, Grace adds: “I’m good. Nah, put it down the sink, bro.”

Then in the garden, Jessy speaks to Jess about her kiss with Joey on the terrace.

Joey has been causing quite the stir in the villa. It emerged that the former TOWIE star had a holiday fling with bombshell Grace but things soon fizzled out. However, when the blonde beauty entered the villa, the pair appeared to pick things up rather quickly and their relationship resulted in sending Samantha Kenny - who Joey was originally coupled up with - home.

Now, new bombshell Jessy picked Joey for a date, leaving Grace 'fuming' as Joey confessed he wanted to explore things with the new Islander, which led to Jessy choosing Joey in a recoupling.

Joey and Grace in the girl's changing room
Joey has got himself in trouble with Grace

Jess asks Jessy: "Did you kiss?" Jessy nods to which Jess replies: "Oh God, f***ing hell Jessy. I didn't think he'd be cuddling and kissing you last night." Jessy admits: "We kissed before, we kissed on the terrace..."

Jess says: "He needs to [tell her]. I'll be honest with you, when it comes out it will be a s*** storm. However, if it's meant to be it will be. For you two or him and her."

Despite his initial surprise of being chosen by Jessy, Joey took Jessy to the rooftop terrace, breaking his promise to an irate Grace. Up there, Joey confessed to Jessy that he was glad she picked him.

Joey and Jessy kissing in the bedroom
Grace hands Joey back the green tea he makes her -Credit:ITV

As they shared a romantic moment on the terrace, they had to take cover as a vexed Grace realised they had snuck off. In an unexpected twist, Joey and Jessy shared a passionate kiss under the stars, although Grace and the other Islanders are yet to find out.

Fans took to X, formerly known as Twitter, to express their shock and amusement at Joey.

“WE CAN CALL JOEY MANY THINGS BUT Joey Essex is ENTERTAINMENT #loveisland,” exclaimed one. Another wrote: “joey kissing jessy fully knowing grace is watching… samantha got her revenge in spirit.”

“Joey Essex pretending to be shocked when Jessy picked him, then kissing Jessy on the terrace whilst Grace sits in hell…THIS IS TELEVISION,” a third posted.

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