What is the anaconda sex position?

Caroline Allen
Chris Taylor admitted his favourite sex position last night and it left viewers scratching their heads. [Photo: ITV]

If you watched Love Island last night, you were probably left scratching your head at exactly what the anaconda sex position was.

It’s not the first time this series an unconventional sex position has arisen, with Curtis announcing his favourite is the eagle.

Now, Chris Taylor, 28, has perplexed fans by revealing his is the “anaconda”.

Cue confused face emoji.

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After discovering what this sex position is, we suspect he doesn’t quite know what it means.

Particularly after he was quizzed on how to do the “anaconda” and he responded: “There’s no time to get into that.”

Luckily, Chris, we have all the time in the world.

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On UrbanDictionary, the anaconda is described as: “A sexual move where the male partner is receiving a blowjob then removes the penis quickly and at the same time makes fists with both hands then quickly punches the partner on both sides of the neck at the same time hence causing a swelling action.”

So far, so hideously violent.

“The man then inserts the penis back into the person’s mouth having the feeling of an anaconda around his penis from the swollen neck.”

We’re hopeful that Chris was making a lewd reference about the size of his penis, instead, because as one Twitter user shrewdly observed: “That’s assault.”

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It’s thought that he may have confused the anaconda with the python, which is a more well-known sex position found in the karma sutra.

Perhaps Chris should just stick to kissing in the Love Island villa, instead.

Although, if his technique is anything like everyone else’s, it’s likely we’ll be thoroughly grossed out.

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