Gap toothed trend has led to an increase in reversed dental work

Caroline Allen
Georgia May Jagger has led the way for the trend dubbed "The London look". [Photo: Getty]

A gap toothed trend is well underway with celebrities from Georgia May Jagger to recent Love Island stars, Francesca Allen and Arabella Chi, leading the trend.

The trend has been dubbed “the London look”, after it was made famous by Ms Jagger in an advert for Rimmel.

Since then, there has been a rise in cosmetic procedures to enhance gappy teeth, Dr Mark Hughes told the MailOnline.

The trend has been seen mainly in women in their 20s. Women in their 30s and 40s have also paid to have past dentistry work reversed in a bid to keep up with trends.

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Recently, a perfect set of white veneers was seen as the ultimate dentistry trend, with celebrities dropping thousands of pounds to get a Hollywood smile.

However, the likes of Uzo Aduba, Lily Aldridge and this year’s Love Island stars, Francesca Allen, Arabella Chi and Jordan Hames have marked a change in trends.

People who have gaps in their teeth often have them because they have small teeth or a large jaw.

It can occur as a result of thumb sucking as a child. It can also be caused by a person thrusting their tongue upwards as they swallow, forcing a gap over time.

This can be stopped in childhood, but is seen as virtually impossible in adulthood.

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A slight imperfection is now deemed as a more natural way to achieve a great smile. Dr Hughes has seen a big uptake in people asking for a smile like Ariana Grande’s which has been described by fans as “cute”.

Ariana Grande's teeth have been described by fans as "cute". [Photo: Getty]

This trend is only in fashion for women at the moment, though. Dr Hughes says: “Men are always a bit further behind in terms of adopting cosmetic procedures.”

At the moment, men are still opting for a straight, Hollywood smile, but if women’s cosmetics trends are anything to go by, that could soon change.

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