Love Island fans slam 'pointless' new addition to show ahead of Casa Amor twists

Love Island fans slam 'pointless' new addition to show ahead of Casa Amor twists

Love Island fans have taken to X to voice their irritation over what they've branded a 'pointless' new feature on the ITV show - just as Casa Amor is about to bring its usual drama.

The Love Island contestants have been on their quest for romance in the sun-soaked Mallorca villa for weeks, but tonight's episode will see the girls whisked away to Casa Amor in a jaw-dropping twist. This means six fresh hunks will join the ladies, while another six bombshells will enter the main villa to test the boys. Before the big switch-up, the girls enjoyed a leisurely cocktail afternoon.

Yet, viewers were left scratching their heads when they noticed TV 'extras' in the background during a scene where the girls were chatting about their recent squabbles and relationship progress.

Love Island s Umar and Nicole
Love Island fans were baffled by the use of 'pointless' tv extras -Credit:ITV

The presence of additional people sparked confusion among fans, as the Islanders are supposed to be cut off from family, friends, and the outside world. Perplexed fans took to X to express their opinions, reports the Mirror.

One viewer tweeted: "Are the other people eating extras or something because where's the etiquette why are they screaming #loveIsland," while another commented: "lol the paid extras in the background are perplexed at this screaming #LoveIsland."

Six new boys are on the way to get the Love Island girls
Six new boys entered Casa Amor to stir things up -Credit:ITV

A third chimed in: "Are these people extras in the back? It feels like a friends set lmao this is weird #loveisland."

Another remarked: "These poor people having lunch behind the girls. I hope they're extras #loveisland," and yet another said: "did they really hire extras, this shows in the bin #loveisland," with one more adding: "the extras in the back makes this look so fake #loveisland."

It comes as Love Island fans also predicted that there could be a potential shock elimination - just in time for the much-anticipated Casa Amor twist takes centre stage.

On Sunday, 30 June's show, Love Island unveiled the six men and women who would be set to stir things up in the villa for Casa Amor, yet fans have suspected that a big shake-up could be imminent.

Harriet Blackmore and Ronnie Vint
Harriet and Ronnie were voted off Love Island -Credit:ITV

Following Ronnie and Harriet's unexpected departure from the villa, whispers that another duo might be sent packing have started circulating.

One fan posted on X: "There's six Casa girls and six boys... that means one more couple have to leave the villa..."

Another wrote: "Just saw the casa line up for #loveIsland. There is six bombshells but there are currently seven couples in the villa. I think another couple might be getting dumped tomorrow before casa begins."