Love Island fans issue plea to Ciaran as history with new girl Ellie confirmed

Love Islander Ciaran
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Love Island fans were left gobsmacked by Ciaran's remarks about one of the new Casa Amor bombshells on Monday night, while some viewers pleaded with him to stay loyal.

The lads were left speechless when six new girls strutted into the main villa. Meanwhile, the original girls were getting acquainted with six new boys over at the Casa Amor villa.

Nicole, Ciaran's partner, was worried that he might be swayed by the new arrivals, oblivious to the fact that Ciaran was about to come face-to-face with someone from his past. It wasn't immediately clear how Ciaran and new girl Ellie knew each other, but Ciaran soon spilled the beans to the boys.

In a shocking revelation that left viewers stunned, Ciaran confessed that he couldn't remember if he had slept with Ellie or not, despite previously boasting about sleeping with 120 girls. He was heard telling his mates that he didn't think "she was one of the 120".

Fans couldn't believe their ears as Ciaran continued to claim he couldn't recall the nature of their previous relationship, suggesting they had merely exchanged messages in the past. He then admitted they hadn't actually met in person, only for Ellie to contradict him by revealing they had indeed met and messaged multiple times, reports the Mirror.

Some viewers are predicting fireworks when Nicole discovers their connection, with several fans pleading with Ciaran on social media. One fan wrote on X: "Ciaran I beg don't let us down." Another chimed in: "Come on Ciaran don't let me down brother."

Ciaran Davies and Nicole Samuel
Ciaran Davies and Nicole Samuel

It seems Love Island aficionados are convinced they've sussed out a major plot twist on the horizon, all thanks to some eagle-eyed observations about the latest batch of bombshells. Devoted ITV viewers have taken to social media platforms, with X (formerly known as Twitter) buzzing with fan theories about the current couples and the fresh faces set to shake things up during the Casa Amor segment.

Some have been quick to point out that the numbers don't quite add up, with more original Islanders than there are new entrants for the infamous Casa Amor. "So there's currently 7 couples but only 6 bombshells coming into casa amor," one viewer speculated, igniting a flurry of speculation.

"There's 7 couples and 6 casa amor arrivals, the math ain't mathing what's the twist," another pondered, sparking debate over what could be in store in the upcoming episodes.

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