Loose Women's Kaye Adams stuns co-stars as she makes cheeky confession

Loose Women's Kaye Adams made a cheeky confession on the latest episode of the ITV show, revealing she started reading spicy novels from the tender age of 10.

Kaye was joined by fellow panellists Kelly Holmes, Gloria Hunniford and Jane Moore on Friday 28 June, discussing the hottest topics in news and entertainment. However, it was Kaye's revelation about her early introduction to adult fiction that stole the show.

Kaye confessed: "Like that kind of book, those kind of books- that was my sex education."

Jane, surprised by this revelation, joked: "See, I thought I knew everything there was to know about you until this morning when you mentioned at the age of 10 you were reading that sort."

Kaye Adams admitted to reading saucy novels on Loose Women
Loose Women's stars talked about excess body hair earlier this month -Credit:ITV

Laughing off Jane's comment, Kaye explained: "The thing is my dear dad, he used to have this stash of novels but the lead character was called Ross Tobin - I always remembered this. He was an airline pilot that travelled the world and had a few 'escapades' do you know what I mean", reports the Mirror.

Jane then asked: "Is it like confessions of a window cleaner but an airline version?" To which Kaye nodded, adding that she would sneakily read these erotic novels under her bed.

Kaye's unexpected story got the studio audience chuckling. Meanwhile, one viewer took to social media site X to tease: "Kaye has sweat patches.... still thinking about those books," they joked.

The Loose Women panel
The Loose Women panel

It's not the first time that the Loose Women team have got viewers hot under the collar this month. On Friday 21 June, Kaye, Judi Love, Linda Robson and Dame Kelly Holmes discussed body hair, and went into graphic detail.

"Have you noticed increased body hair as you've got older?" asked Kaye at the start of the segment, explaining that 75% of women do so, for various reasons including the menopause, hormonal changes and certain medication. She then turned to Linda to say: "So, Linda, have you got bits sprouting where they shouldn't be sprouting?"

Linda Robson went on to talk about her pubic hair, suggesting she previously had "a lovely, brown bushy..." before adding: "Now all I've got is a few stragglers."

Later in the segment, Kaye revealed she had a mole on her neck with a hair growing from it, and Kelly then used a pair of clippers to remove it live on air, to the astonishment of viewers.

"Why has this show descended into being gross," asked one outraged fan, with another commenting: "Car crash tv at it's finest!"

"This is the weirdest episode EVER," said someone else, with a fourth person penning: "That's disgusting, just spat my brew out," and a fifth saying: "This is vile and it’s making me physically ill."

A sixth person added: "Why did you show the tugging of a hair from a mole at lunchtime??? Thanks so much for that."