How long should sex last for: Magic number revealed

What's the magical number. Photo: Getty
What’s the magical number. Photo: Getty

Words by Kristine Tarbert.

It’s the question on everyone’s mind.

How long should sex last – are we doing it for long enough, are we doing it often enough?

Well firstly, it’s important thing to remember is that everyone is different.

But the magical number has been revealed in research released by online sex retailer Lovehoney.

The researches aimed to find out the ideal number of minutes of intimacy Australians would like to enjoy.

Drumroll….. it’s 30 minutes.

Their findings, released in June last year, show that 40 per cent of people said their ideal sex session would last more than 30 minutes – although only 24 per cent said they were getting it for that long.

40 per cent of people said 30 minutes is ideal. Photo: Getty
40 per cent of people said 30 minutes is ideal. Photo: Getty

In truth, 47 per cent of Australians said they were spending 15 minutes between the sheets. It was also revealed that for 16 per cent of respondents sex lasts just 10 minutes.

According to sexpert Annabelle Knight, people shouldn’t panic if they aren’t currently meeting the ‘expected’ number.

“Thirty minutes for some people would be way too short, for others, it might be a long time. If you’re both happy with the time you spend having sex, then that’s all that matters,” she tells DailyMail.

To reignite the spark Annabelle says keeping sex fresh and mixing things up is important. It’s also a good idea to do it as often as you can and make sure to try new things together.

Experts say each couple is different. Photo: Getty
Experts say each couple is different. Photo: Getty

The research also found that 50 per cent of Australians have sex at least once a week. But there’s no ‘best time’ to do it.

“Some people enjoy sex when they’ve had a drink. Some people are early morning people, others are night owls. The best time is when the two of you are happiest doing it,” Annabelle says.

“Aim to connect sexually on a regular basis – that might mean a sexy kiss or some type of foreplay that doesn’t necessarily go further – rather than keep score.”

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