London Pride 2019: When is it, where is it and how can you get involved?

Pride Parade in London in 2017 [Photo: Getty]
Pride Parade in London in 2017 [Photo: Getty]

The annual LGBT+ celebration will soon be upon us, so here’s everything you need to know about the day and how you can get involved.

The first parade was in 1972 and attracted just 2,000 people.

Now, the London Pride parade attracts around 1 million people each year, and it’s only getting bigger.

It’s the biggest parade of its kind in the UK with people travelling to London from up and down the country.

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When and where is London Pride Parade 2019?

The parade will take place on Saturday, July 6 at 12pm. There are plenty of other events going on up and down the country in June and July, too.

It starts on Portland Place and will move along Oxford Circus, Piccadilly Circus and Lower Regent Street.

From there it will head through Pall Mall, passing Trafalgar Square to Whitehall.

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What is London Pride?

It’s an annual celebration of the LGBT+ community’s identity and history.

There are various Pride events happening up and down the country, but London Pride is renowned for drawing in the biggest crowds.

The first ever Pride was held in 1969 in New York with London joining in two years later. The first unofficial Pride saw 200 Gay Liberation Front activists march through central London.

An official annual event was created one year later, in 1972.

Celebrities and Pride

Celebrities from Taylor Swift to Mariah Carey have stood up for LGBT+ rights in the past. 2018 saw a host of celebrities supporting London Pride, from Ian Watkins to Emma Watson.

Meghan and Harry also “shone a light on pride” by using their Instagram account to highlight the importance of the celebration.

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Do I need tickets?

No, admission is free to people of all ages and you don’t need to be part of the LGBT+ community to support and enjoy the celebrations.

The route is completely wheelchair accessible, but it’s worth noting that it does get very busy. There are wheelchair recharging points at Trafalgar Square.

There are plenty of volunteers dotted around the route to help you with any questions you may have.

What else can I do aside from watch the parade?

There are plenty of activities going on throughout the month, from theatre shows, tours, conferences and museum events.

If you’re just going for the day on the 6th July, this year’s event will also include a Pride pub crawl, craft fair, ping pong and Pride’s Got Talent.

The talent show is one of the most anticipated parts of this year’s celebration. It gives a platform to emerging talents in the LGBT+ community.

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