Wagamama will introduce gender-neutral toilets to restaurants

Caroline Allen
Initially, Wagamama will introduce gender-neutral toilets to 40 per cent of its restaurants. [Photo: Getty]

To celebrate the first year of London’s Transgender Pride, Wagamama is launching gender-neutral toilets to 40 per cent of its restaurants.

The restaurant aims to have gender-neutral toilets in all of its restaurants, but the 40 per cent will coincide with Transgender Pride on 14 September.

50 restaurants will be converted into individually-contained cubicles.

The first one to be refurbished will be Wagamama’s test kitchen noodle lab is Soho.

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A number of people have complained on Twitter, calling Wagamama out for providing a “gift to sexual predators & voyeurs”.

One woman wrote: Sorry @wagamama_uk I love your food but I HATE "gender neutral" (ie mixed sex) toilets. They're just a gift to sexual predators & voyeurs. Women need privacy & safety. I won't be eating at your restaurants again if there are no women only bathrooms.”

The woman went on to cite a number of sexual harassment cases that have taken place as a result of mixed-sex toilets.

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She continued: “How many women have had to dive into the ladies to avoid a creepy man or escape from a date they've just realised is potentially harmful? If the man can now follow them in, that safe space is gone.”

The issue has been fiercely debated on Twitter with one person countering: “They will be single occupant toilets. Just like you have at home (unless you have one for each gender at home?)”

Another argued back that a toilet at home is quite a different scenario given that it’s not used by complete strangers.

The recurring theme is that women feel uncomfortable using the same toilets as men.

One woman explained: “I hate the mixed toilets. The ones in Brighton are down stairs, it's dark and intimidating to say the least. I definitely would send my children by themselves. I always feel uncomfortable using them too.”

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