The Lindo Wing way: All the details on the birth suite used by Amal Clooney and the Duchess of Cambridge

The Duchess of Cambridge gave birth to Prince George and Princess Charlotte at the Lindo Wing [Photo: PA]

Amal Clooney had her twins there. The Duchess of Cambridge chose it for the births of both Prince George and Princess Charlotte as did Princess Diana for Princes Harry and William.

So what’s so special about the Lindo Wing at Paddington’s St Mary’s Hospital?

For starters, it’s incredibly private.

One mum who gave birth there said she “didn’t see or hear another patient for the entirety of [her] stay.”

Its innate privacy makes the Lindo Wing the perfect spot for major A-listers and royals who don’t want any media intrusion during their stay.

George and Amal Clooney shelled out for three suites but cheaper rooms are available [Photo: Lindo Wing]

Although initial reports stated George and Amal Clooney gave birth in Chelsea and Westminster Hospital, the famous couple actually shelled out almost £120,000 for their week-long stay in the Lindo Wing.

According to sources, the 56-year-old actor hired out three suites: one for Amal and the twins, one for himself and visiting guests, and another for the couple’s security team.

A spokesperson for the Lindo Wing refused to disclose the exact price of a suite, saying: “Suites can vary according to requirements as some people have very specific bespoke requests. The cost can vary enormously.”

The Lindo Wing has three room types. A standard room will set you back £5,650 for the first 24 hours of a normal birth (and £1,030 every night thereafter) with the cost rising to £7,215 for a caesarean section.

A deluxe room is slightly bigger, costing £5,920 for a normal birth package and £7,375 for a caesarean.

Then you have the suites which can be decorated however you like. Inside is a fully reclining chair, pillows and bed linen to allow your partner to spend the night with you.

The private hospital provides everything from hotel-style room service to top-notch antenatal care [Photo: Lindo Wing]

The Clooneys adjoining suites were reportedly prepared 10 days in advance of the couple’s stay and included a change in everything from furniture to flowers.

Each room comes with a private ensuite bathroom (containing Elemis products), satellite TV, a radio, bedside phone, WiFi, a safe and a fridge.

A complete delivery package includes all costs for midwifery care, theatre fees, routine midwife appointments, blood tests, medications, meals and accommodation for your partner.

Hotel-style room service is provided to each couple. Every morning, a waiter will arrive to take your order for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

A traditional afternoon tea can also be ordered and a comprehensive wine and champagne list is available to help you toast your new arrival.

The Lindo Wing also boasts a night nursery. Many new mothers may find the idea of giving their newborn to someone else abhorrent, but Lindo Wing guests have been grateful to get some much-needed sleep.

The hospital is also quite relaxed when it comes to visiting hours. While most maternity wards only allow guests at certain times of the day, the Lindo Wing allows visitors at pretty much any time.

(However, they do discourage guests from between 2.30 and 4.30 in the afternoon so that new mothers can rest.)

Doesn’t this sound like the perfect birth location?

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