A couple win the right to name their son after Star Wars character

A couple have won the right to call their son Yoda after a Star Wars character [Photo: Getty]
A couple have won the right to call their son Yoda after a Star Wars character [Photo: Getty]

Parents of a four-year-old boy have finally been allowed to name their son Yoda from the ‘Star Wars’ film franchise after an objection from the civil registry office and language council.

Picking a baby name is up there as one of the trickiest decisions parents will have to make.

Whether you scour the most popular lists, take namespo from celebrities with their out-there monikers or name your newborn after your favourite TV programme or film (Welcome to the world baby Arya!), the moniker you opt for is likely to have taken a while to choose.

So imagine if after finally whittling it down your name of choice was actually banned.

That’s exactly what happened to a couple after deciding to call their son, Yoda, after the Star Wars character.

According to local media, the parents, Wojciech and Kinga Staszewski, wanted Yoda as their son’s middle name but came up against opposition from the registry office and Polish Language Council (PLC).

The problem was that no word in the Polish language starts with Y so English words starting to with that letter are usually replaced with a J or an I.

But the little boy’s parents didn’t think Joda or Ioda had the same impact, so they decided to fight to keep the name, lodging a counter-complaint to the PLC.

And four years later they have finally been given the go ahead to officially register their son as Igor Yoda Staszewski.

The couple wanted their son’s middle name to be Yoda [Photo: Getty]
The couple wanted their son’s middle name to be Yoda [Photo: Getty]

Speaking to the Central European News agency Wojciech said: “I submitted the request in September this year, and after a month I received a call that there was an objection from the Polish Language Council.”

Kinga Staszewska added: “It was my husband’s idea. I am not opposed to breaking with tradition, I just liked how Yoda sounded so we both agreed.

“Our son is proud of his name and he is fascinated with Star Wars.

“All the other kids at his nursery are talking about it.”

The couple aren’t the only ones who have found themselves up against the baby naming bods.

Earlier this year it was revealed that French authorities had banned a couple from naming their newborn son ‘Amber’ due to fears that the child may become confused by his gender in the future.

While another couple were banned from naming their baby girl, Liam.

Back in 2015 a court in Valenciennes, decided that a couple would not be allowed to name their daughter ‘Nutella’.after the judge decided that it wouldn’t be in the child’s best interest to be named after a chocolate spread.

And in April last year a Welsh mother was banned by a high court from calling her baby twin daughter Cyanide (her brother was named Preacher).

Despite her arguments that Cyanide was a ‘lovely, pretty name’ the court ruled that the ‘unusual’ choice might harm the child growing up.

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