Kylie Jenner's reaction to her sister's anxiety sparks debate

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Kylie Jenner's reaction to her sister confiding in her about her anxiety has divided opinions. [Photo: Getty]
Kylie Jenner's reaction to her sister confiding in her about her anxiety has divided opinions. [Photo: Getty]

A video of Kendall and Kylie Jenner before the 2019 Met Gala is circulating online and causing a lot of debate.

The video shows Kendall saying to her sister “I’ve had literally crazy anxiety. I can’t stop.”

We see Kylie pause for a moment and then say to her sister: “I’m not wearing the taller shoes. Do you think I should?”

The original poster of the video captioned it in a light-hearted way by saying, “Kylie's reaction to Kendall saying she's having an anxiety attack is actually me.”

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On the surface, it looks as though Kylie is ignoring Kendall’s anxiety.

Within hours, though, hundreds of thousands of people took to the post to jump to Kylie’s defence.

One comment, which has gained thousands of retweets said: “Kylie is actually doing something super helpful.”

“Acting as a distraction during Kendall’s panic, you can see that she literally analysed her sister, paused and then came out with that statement.”

The Twitter user, Georgia Brown explained: “It’s actually super effective in diverting someone else’s anxiety.”

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Others agreed, saying that they find the diversion tactic to be particularly useful.

One user said: “The people who know me best know that when I start having an anxiety attack I want them to talk about something else to try to distract me.”

Not everybody agreed that Kylie was purposefully trying to ease her sister’s anxiety, though.

“It’s not that deep.” One user simply wrote.

Another gave his view on the matter: “I honestly think she was looking at her and thinking about their heights for the pictures but thats okay too I mean they were about to walk the met gala let’s prioritise huns.”

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