Khloe Kardashian reveals why she chooses not to talk badly about ex Tristan Thompson

Khloe Kardashian reveals why she chooses not to talk badly about ex Tristan Thompson

Khloe Kardashian has explained why she chooses not to talk badly about ex Tristan Thompson, despite their tumultuous relationship.

The 39-year-old reality star spoke candidly about her relationship with Thompson, who she shares two children, True, five, and Tatum, one, with, during a recent interview with tmrw, as she appeared on the cover of the magazine’s latest issue. She specified that despite some of her ex’s behaviour throughout their relationship, she wants to stay on good terms with him for the sake of their family.

“With me and Tristan, would it be really easy to never talk to him again and to just badmouth him or whatever? Of course. But it’s way harder to be nice,” she said during the conversation, according to People. “It’s way harder when you’re really mad at someone, it’s really hard to sit in their face in front of your kids and be like: ‘Hi!’ Trust me, that’s not how I feel every day.”

The Good American Founder acknowledged that she’s had to “learn to take control of [her] feelings” towards Thompson, as they continue to raise their children together. She also added that while she’s sometimes let her feelings get the best of her, she doesn’t have any regrets about her kindness towards her ex.

“I was impulsive and I tweeted something or posted something and things that you regret,” she said. “But in my opinion, I’ll never regret being a nice person.”

She went on to note that as she’s being amicable with her ex, she’s “protecting their [children’s] innocence”, especially in light of Thompson’s cheating scandals. Kardashian once again expressed that, despite the athlete’s controversial past, she still wants her children to be close to their father.

“I want my kids to have beautiful relationships with their dad. And if we’re blessed enough to have a dad that wants to be there and wants to show up and be hands-on, why would I prevent that from happening?” she said.

Kardashian and the NBA star had a complicated history amid their on-and-off relationship, as he was first unfaithful in 2018, while she was pregnant with True. While they later got back together, they officially split in December 2021, after court documents revealed that he had fathered a baby with personal trainer Maralee Nichols.

Although Kardashian and Thompson welcomed their second child via surrogate in August 2022, The Kardashians star previously said they were already in the process of having another baby before her ex’s scandal was revealed.

Since Karadashian’s on-and-off relationship, her family has also opened up about their complicated feelings towards Thompson. During an episode of The Kardashians, which aired in November 2023, Kourtney Kardashian confessed that she and her daughter Penelope – who she shares with ex Scott Disick – are not fond of the basketball player. “I feel like she gets it from me,” she said about her 11-year-old child. “I told her the first day of school, I was like so triggered by him.”

Kourtney also noted that, despite the negative feelings she has about Thompson, she doesn’t always let that get to her.

“Tristan has made horrible decisions and choices with my sister,” she explained. “There’s times when I’m so triggered by him I can’t be around him and then there’s times when I just let it go because we just want harmony and, you know, he’s the father of my niece and nephew.”

During the episode of The Kardashians, Kardashian still highlighted how pleased she was to be in a good place with her ex. She also expressed that she’s not trying to change the way her family, including niece Penelope, feels about him.

“I’m really proud of myself for where me and Tristan are, and how I am able to allow him to be the father he wants to be," she said. “But where I am at with Tristan has nothing to do with what I expect my family members to do. If Penelope has feelings about Tristan, rightfully so. And good for you, girl.”

She continued to praise her niece for having her own opinions about Thompson, and encouraged Penelope to keep feeling that way.

“I want Penelope to have these feelings and I don’t wanna talk her out of them because I don’t want this behaviour to be something that I’m validating or I’m justifying,” Kardashian added. “I want her to know that how she is feeling is the right way to feel. We should not accept someone treating us like this.”

During her conversation with tmrw, Kardashian opened up about her parenting tactics, noting that her oldest child doesn’t have a cell phone and won’t be getting one until she’s much older.

“Some parents allow their kids to have cellphones or this or that. And I’m like, there’s no chance in hell would my daughter have a cell phone right now,” she said during the interview, shared via People. “There’s no need. You’re five and a half. I just don’t understand who they’re calling! I don’t see her getting a phone or anything like that until she’s 13.”