KFC lovers can now buy a t-shirt that smells like the fast-food chain

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The t-shirt has been soaked in gravy. [Photo: Kentucky for Kentucky]
The t-shirt has been soaked in gravy. [Photo: Kentucky for Kentucky]

We all enjoy a KFC from time to time. If this new launch has taught us anything, though, it’s that some people really (and we mean really) love KFC.

So much so, in fact, that they want to smell like it. That’s what American clothes store, Kentucky For Kentucky is hoping, at least.

The store is selling a gravy stained t-shirt with the word “gravy” emblazoned on the front, created by Kentucky-based artist, Coleman Larkin.

Each £38 t-shirt is soaked in KFC’s famous gravy for 24 hours prior to its smelly arrival on your doorstep.

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The t-shirt’s aren’t officially connected with KFC, but they are soaked in KFC’s condiment.

As each t-shirt is uniquely soaked, no two tees are the same. You could buy one for everyday of the week if you wanted to. Who needs a KFC when you can bring the smell of it to public transport, the office and many other social engagements?

The t-shirts are made by the same artist who preserved horse poo from the Kentucky Derby in little jars and is now selling them for £152 each.

“I’m all about that sauce.” Artist Coleman Larkin says.

“I wanted to create a wearable work of art for all the other sauce kings and kweens out there living that grimey sauce life. I see you and I appreciate your struggle.”

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Most people try to get the smell of fast-food out of their home, not welcome it in with open arms. But, Coleman Larkin has clearly appealed to the right market because the initial run of the t-shirts sold out in most sizes.

To complete the tie-dye process Larkin first wraps the t-shirt in elastic bands so it’s the size of a loaf of bread.

The video available on the product page then shows him boiling the t-shirt in an acidic solution so they’re ready to accept the stain.

They then get dunked in gravy, washed, dried and hung ready for their lucky new owners.

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Eleanor Walton pulled off a 'genius' wardrobe transformation after a red wine spill [Photo: Twitter]
Eleanor Walton pulled off a 'genius' wardrobe transformation after a red wine spill [Photo: Twitter]

Tie-dye has had a bit of a resurgence in recent years, proving popular with celebrities from Taylor Swift to Harry Styles.

Perhaps on of the best tie-dye moments of the year came from Eleanor Walton, who spilt red wine down her white jumpsuit and decided to style it by creating a tie-dye look.

With the help of her friends, Walton ordered more wine from the bar and soaked her jumpsuit in the sink to create an impressive tie-dye pattern.

Talking about the gravy shirts, Larkin says that the tie-dye effect will “last as long as a regular tie-dyed tee if you follow the instructions.”

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