KFC and Pizza Hut create popcorn chicken pizza and the reviews are mixed

KFC and Pizza Hut has joined forces. [Photo: KFC/Pizza Hut]
KFC and Pizza Hut has joined forces. [Photo: KFC/Pizza Hut]

After seeing the popcorn chicken pizza that KFC and Pizza Hut have concocted, we have one question.

Why hasn’t this happened sooner?

Fast-food heavyweights are always bringing out new ideas and is there anything better than a mash-up of two of the UK’s favourite quick bites?

Well, according to a lot of you - yes, there are a lot of things you’d consider as better than this.

The hybrid has been put to the test by Twitter’s taste testers and the results are mixed.

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The pizza isn’t here to stay. It’s more of a pop-up pizza, if you will.

It’s available for just two weeks, from February 3 to February 16 and has been created for National Pizza Day on February 9.

The credentials of the hybrid pizza are pretty solid: a Pizza Hut classic crust base, KFC gravy, mozzarella cheese, sweetcorn and the one and only Colonel's Popcorn Chicken.

Many people were all for the “game changing” combination, but others were frankly horrified that sweetcorn has made it onto an otherwise good pizza.

One definitely not convinced person wrote: “That KFC popcorn chicken pizza with the gravy base looks absolutely terrible.”

On the contrary, one person who had tried the mixture described it as “great, obviously” as if there was ever any doubt.

Perhaps it’s the sweetcorn or the gravy base that’s putting some people off. After all, gravy isn’t exactly a standard base for a pizza.

It’s a bit too, er, wet?

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That hasn’t stopped the masses from giving it a go and delivering their official verdicts over social media.

“Just ordered the KFC/Pizza Hut Popcorn Chicken Pizza. It was literally the most minging thing i've ever eaten in my life. Gravy base is disgusting, sweetcorn just ruins it. How do I get my money back.” One scathing review read.

It’s not all that cheap, either. Given that it’s limited edition it’s only available in large.

That means that the average pizza will set you back about £20. That being said, with all the deals available at the moment, savvy shoppers can try the new pizza for as little as £9.99.

Earlier, KFC were forced to explain via Twitter that their pizza doesn’t come with all the background food shown in their promotional images.

“Just in case a lifetime of advertising disclaimers haven't got through yet... The pizza doesn't come with food in the background, it's just there to make the picture look pretty.”

We have visions of angry KFC and Pizza Hut fans asking why the wooden table didn’t come as part of their order.

The verdict’s still out of this one, folks.

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