Kendall Jenner criticised for using animal as accessory in Instagram picture

She's kneeling on a horse in her latest Instagram picture. [Photo: Getty]
She's kneeling on a horse in her latest Instagram picture. [Photo: Getty]

Celebrities are carving our a bizarre niche of posing with animals lately and Kendall Jenner is the latest celebrity to attract criticism for this.

She posted several pictures of herself on top of a horse at her birthday bash ahead of her 24th birthday on 3 November.

Her sisters were quick to praise the supermodel for how great she looks, but not everybody was as enthused.

In one particular picture, she is seen kneeling on the back of the horse which has garnered a fair amount of criticism from social media users.

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One Twitter user said: “Is that a real horse she’s digging her knees into just to pose for the gram??”

“It’s honestly sickening what people do for ‘likes’ and attention. Poor horse.” Somebody else joined in.

Others leapt to Kendall’s defence, saying that horses can handle that kind of weight and in some cases, the pressure either side of the horse’s spine might actually feel good for it.

“Her knees are on both side of his spine and horses can support up to 1/3 of their weight ! I don’t think that she’s that heavy either so I’m sure the horse wasn’t in pain.” One person said.

We’ve contacted PETA for comment.

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Others argued that Kendall regularly rides horses, so she would know enough about what a horse can and cannot deal with.

For a lot of people, though, that explanation didn’t go far enough.

“And people saying ‘the horse can handle it etc...’ I’m sure those huge flashes from the camera aren’t stressing him/her out at all!!”

“Kendall Jenner got an immediate unfollow after that pic of her kneeling on a horses back. All for the gram.”

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