Two women wore real-life snakes at the MTV VMAs

Caroline Allen
This year's MTV VMAs had not one, but two live snakes in attendance. [Photo: Getty]

Nobody wants to turn up at the MTV VMAs wearing the same outfit.

So, when internet personality, Tana Mongeau and singer, Gabriella Wilson aka, H.E.R., both turned up wearing a real-life snake, they probably weren’t expecting to have to share the attention.

And if it was attention they were looking for, they certainly got it.

Twitter erupted with thoughts on the bizarre “accessory”.

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Not one, but two, people arrived at the MTV VMas with live snakes. [Photo: Getty]

Fans of Tana Mongeau and Garbiella Wilson argued that the snakes were in homage to Britney Spears’ I’m A Slave For You 2001 performance.

“I’m not sure why people are hating, Britney did it first,” one fan argued.

If they really were channelling their inner Britney, perhaps it would have been more apt to bring a fake snake onto the red carpet and not a living, breathing one.

Twitter users worried that the snakes looked “stressed out” amongst all of the bustle of the red carpet.

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Another person urged us to “keep in mind that pythons are very docile and shy snakes” who want to be left alone.

PETA’s Director of International Programmes, Mimi Bekhechi, agreed with the concerned tweets: “Snakes are sensitive living beings who are especially sensitive to vibrations: they aren't toys, jewellery, or accessories – and they shouldn't be "worn" on the red carpet.”

“They may not display stress, fear, and discomfort in the obvious ways that warm-blooded species do – they don't whine, yelp, or flinch in the way a dog or a mouse might – but constant handling and commotion do cause them stress and leave them prone to illness and injury.”

Their mistaken twinning and real-life snake choices aside, many avid viewers also noted that commented on how “trashy” it was to turn up in the same iconic outfit that the Queen Of Pop also wore.

“HOW DARE YOU.” A not-so-much-of-a-fan said.

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Another likened turning up at the VMAs with a snake to turning up to Buckingham Palace with the crown jewels.

It’s a slightly tenuous link, but who are we to stand in the way of Britney and her fans.

Of course, not everybody saw it from the snake’s point of view.

Some people said we have “no choice but to stan” when somebody does something as iconic as turn up with a snake around their neck.

We reserve the right to not stan for this one.

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