How to keep your wine cool (without watering it down with ice cubes)

Wine in summer
We bet you never thought of this one before [Photo: Pexels]

Picture this: it’s sweltering outside (well, as close as British weather ever is), and by the time you’ve gone from the kitchen to the patio your glass of wine is warm.

You can either grit your teeth and sip on it lukewarm, or stick some ice cubes in it and risk it going watery within a few minutes.

Or there is one other surprisingly-simple option – putting frozen grapes in it.

A bright idea of lifestyle brand Greatist, it doesn’t involve making any weird alternative ice cubes or using a frozen wine jacket.

Simply pop a punnet of grapes in the freezer a few hours before you plan on drinking, then pop two or three into your wine glass once you do.

As well as not watering down your glass of Pinot, it won’t cool down your wine too muchas ice cubes have a habit of doing – either.

Though personally, if it’s really that hot, you may as well go the whole hog and have a spritzer to enjoy in the sun.

Each to their own.

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