Katie Price's famous new neighbour revealed after she leaves 'Mucky Mansion' following vandalism

Following the recent vandalism of her car and her second bankruptcy, model Katie Price has finally moved out of her infamous ‘Mucky Mansion’ in Horsham, Surrey, and has relocated to a new home that comes complete with a famous neighbour.

Katie’s new Tudor-style house, a new build £1.2 million pound home in Sussex, is down the road from a house belonging to actress Judy Parfitt, who is best known for her role as Sister Monica Joan in BBC TV series Call The Midwife.

The 88 year old actress told MailOnline about her new neighbour: 'She's entitled to live anywhere she likes. I hope she'll be very happy.'

Katie Price
Katie has relocated after she was presented with an eviction notice for Mucky Mansion -Credit:Instagram/Katie Price
Judy Parfitt
Katie Price's new neighbour, Call The Midwife's Judy Parfitt -Credit:BBC

Katie bought her previous home, which she dubbed ‘Mucky Mansion’ in 2014 for £1.3 million from Conservative peer Francis Maude and lived there with her children Harvey, Junior, Princess, Jett and Bunny. After she was declared bankrupt for the second time in March this year, she was served with an eviction notice on the house that originally requested she leave by Wednesday 29 May, however that deadline was extended to the end of June. Removal vans were spotted on Tuesday 28 May, days after Katie told fans listening to her podcast that she hated the house.

"I am still in my mansion!” she said at the time. “And guess what? I absolutely have hated my mansion. I tell you why, nine years of hell I've had there. Fly-tipping, it's haunted... and I am living with it. And whoever buys that house, good luck! I hate it."

Katie Price
Katie in her 'mucky mansion' which she has now vacated -Credit:Instagram

Over the years she lived there, Katie even had her own house makeover show where she attempted to do the place up, but she never seemed happy in the home, especially as it was attacked by vandals – including the recent attack where someone poured acid over her pink car – and she became so convinced there were ghosts haunting the house that she had an exorcism performed in son Junior’s room.

Speaking on The Fellas podcast she said: "It's definitely haunted. I took a picture of a little boy sitting on my top floor. I've got pictures of a guy going through the mirror. I videoed it all.

And me talking to a candle flame and it responding. I'm telling you. My whole life is nuts. I've had my friends in tears when I've brought up stuff about them that I didn't know by talking to the candle."