EastEnders' Natalie Cassidy fumes as 'private conversation' leaked on Loose Women

Natalie Cassidy on Loose Women
-Credit: (Image: ITV)

EastEnders icon Natalie Cassidy appeared totally stunned when Loose Women host Charlene White revealed details of their "private" behind-the-scenes chat on live TV.

Natalie joined the ITV daytime favourite as a guest panelist and dished some exclusive behind-the-scenes secrets about the acting guidance she received from Walford heavyweights like the legendary Dame Barbara Windsor and June Brown. Natalie opened up with genuine emotion: "Barbara, on a professional level, really helped me."

"She was straight to the point. She instilled in me the importance of things like punctuality, politeness, kindness. And most importantly, being thoroughly prepared by always knowing your lines and deeply appreciating your role," expressed Natalie, taking the audience through her invaluable lessons.

Barbara Windsor played Peggy Mitchell in EastEnders for 22 years
Natalie opened up on how it was working with Dame Barbara Windsor -Credit:BBC

As the audience showed their appreciation with buzzing applause, Charlene quickly interjected with a revealing comment: "She could let you know she wasn't happy with just one look if you came in after a big night out when you were working the next day."

This prompted Natalie to retort sharply: "Thank you for that! It was a private conversation in the green room!"

Despite the little on-air callout, Natalie, who is one of EastEnders’ best known characters after first appearing on the hit BBC soap 30 years ago, laughed it off and proceeded to spill more tea about the light-hearted scolding she sometimes endured from Barbara.

Looking back fondly, she shared a mischievous anecdote: "I remember going out with H from Steps one night - it could've been in the early 2000s or maybe the very late '90s. The next day at work, there I was, splashed across newspapers; in those days, that was a huge deal for us EastEnders."

She continued: "I remember walking past and seeing Barbara with a paper. She was like, 'Morning! ' I was like, 'I have been out but I am on time! ' but I don't think I ever did it again! I never went out on a school night ever again.

Charlene chimed in: "It's keeping you in line without saying a word!" as Natalie confessed that Barbara was "amazing". June Brown, however, concentrated on providing Natalie with acting tips.

June Brown and Dame Barbara Windsor
June Brown and Dame Barbara Windsor

"Hers was more about the craft and the acting. She'd always say, 'darling, that sounds so boring'. She'd say 'every line is a song. Think about how you say things, don't be too monotone, and listening is better than reacting.' I'm so grateful for them."

Charlene then asked: "I know you don't see yourself as a soap legend but you absolutely are an EastEnders icon. So in your role, do you offer the younger members of the crew any pearls of wisdom?"

Natalie responded: "They're so good. They're better than we were. They're not out drinking all night, they're meditating or discussing their sleep. I just tell them what I learned - be kind to people, learn people's names, know the crew."